Empowering Women in Emerging Markets Through Funding

Time and again, we’ve heard about how the improved status of women is one of the things that can be done for women to develop. When women get empowered, chances are that their lives will improve. Women who are educated can look for the necessary funding and get involved in meaningful income generating activities. They will be able to control income, reduce infant mortality and break the poverty cycle.

5 Critical Skills to Excel in CFA (And in Life)!

CFA (or life) needs certain skills in order to outdo. It can be appearing for CFA to become a financial analyst or starting a business. Whether we master the goal we have chosen is pretty much decided by a bunch of skills that we have strengthened over time.

When Things Break Down

Nothing lasts forever, and there comes the inevitable moment in every household where everything seems to come unstuck all at once. A power surge burns out your fridge in the middle of summer.

What Benefits Can You Get From Prepaid Debit Cards?

People who shy away from having a credit card prefer to use the prepaid debit card instead. In the U.S., this type of card is often used by those in the low income bracket.

Buyer Beware – A Guide on How to Avoid Being Cheated

Buyers beware – a guide on how to avoid being cheated. A $50,000 bank robbery grabs the headlines, but it is more than likely that you have been “relieved” of this amount, and often a lot more, during your working life. You could be paying too much for goods and services, and be the victim of exorbitant interest charges, shoddy merchandise, poor service and fraudulent schemes in everyday consumer transactions.

Going Short on CFDs

One of the benefits of trading CFDs (Contracts for Difference) is that you can go short (sell with the hope that the value of your contracts will fall) as well as go long (buy with the hope that that the value of your investment will go up). However, trading CFDs gives you the ability to trade financial instruments without owning them. So how can you sell something that you don’t own?

An Investment Guide for NRIs

If you fit the legal definition of NRI or PIO, you are entitled to a unique place in the banking system of India. India has always maintained a warm relationship with her sons and daughters on foreign soil, one you can strengthen by investing your money in your mother country. This financial relationship between India and her diaspora is a mutually beneficial one. An Indian earning abroad can remit his money to India and invest it in deposits. If you still have property and family in India to look after, you will need an Indian bank account to help you manage your finances.

The Death of the Cheque

In today’s modern world, fast-moving technology is affecting every aspect of our lives, including the way we pay for goods and services. The demise of the cheque has been predicted for a number of years now, but is it really on its way out?

Retirement Income – Which Are The Most Popular Ones?

In the U.S., a person’s major source of revenue is their job or jobs. However, when he or she retires, their source of income tends to come from different and multiple sources. This would include payments by the Social Security administration, part-time jobs or savings accounts that were designated as retirement accounts. The question is – Which are the most popular ones? The below list is arranged from least to most popular.

Trading Stock Indices Using CFDs

Stock indices are a statistical indicator measuring the combined value of a number of stock prices, and they are usually formed with a certain number of leading stocks from a given market. For example, the FTSE 100 represents the top 100 stocks in the UK. Other indices include the ASX 200, China H-Shares, FTSE 250, France 40, Germany 30, Hong Kong HS42, Singapore Blue Chip, Japan All-Share, Wall Street, US SPX 500 and US Tech 100.

Tired Of Bookkeeping! Try Outsourcing

When customers are becoming more demanding everyday and revenues are not growing at the same pace, it is advisable for businesses, particularly smaller ones, to save every buck possible. Outsourcing bookkeeping saves companies precious time and financial resources.

Top 10 Things to Do With a Dollar

At times, many of us feel like we may not have enough money to go out and do something fun to entertain ourselves. However, most people have a dollar lying around somewhere, whether it be between the couch cushions or on the floor of your car. Here are some fun, entertaining things you can do with a dollar:

Bad Credit Refinance: Is It a Good Option?

Millions of Americans experience problems with financing debts on mortgages, credit cards and paying monthly bills on time. It seems that we are pulling out of the global recession, but you may still feel you need to refinance your mortgage because of outstanding debts.

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