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Little Known Money Facts

In 1970 a new house cost twice the annual salary of a married couple even with only one person working. Today a new house costs eight times the annual salary with couples both working.

Bad Credit Solutions – “Bad Credit and Bankruptcy? No Worries!”

The majority of people believe that if they have bad credit, it’s all over for them. Their hopes for home ownership and financial security are over – or so they think. As a bad credit mortgage expert, you can take my word for it: bad credit and even bankruptcy doesn’t spell the financial end for you! That may sound like a pretty bold claim for me to make, however now I’ll show you how it’s possible!

Bad Credit Loans – “Personal Debt Reality for Australians”

If you feel your bad credit/debt situation is too much and you are constantly sinking into a deeper hole, you must act now! Call a reputable bad credit mortgage specialist and turn your financial situation around for the better. Financial security is there just waiting for you, so take the opportunity today.

Recover Credit File – “Repair your Credit and Regain Financial Control in Three Steps!”

Too many people simply think if they ignore a problem, it will go away. You certainly cannot do this with financial problems, as you probably already know. Take action today to restore your credit and get back on the road to a good credit situation!

Poor Money Management – “Australians’ Personal Money Management in a Shambles”

Sure Australia is renowned for its athletic prowess and excellence across a wide range of fields, however when it comes to personal money management, Aussies aren’t doing that great. Unfortunately Australians are suffering from debt levels higher than most countries and our addiction to the ‘plastic fantastic’ isn’t doing us any favours either. Put simply, we have two main areas of weakness: we don’t budget and we are becoming too addicted to credit cards.

Mortgage For Bad Credit – “Yes You Can Get A Mortgage With Bad Credit Or Bankruptcy!”

Perhaps you’ve heard the good news about bad credit, bankruptcy and home loans, and you’re now saying, “All well and good for the people who are mortgage ready, but I’m not!” The great news for people who aren’t mortgage ready is that bad credit mortgage specialists can work with you to get you mortgage ready. No matter what your financial situation, such specialists can work closely with you to tailor a credit repairing, debt clearing, savings plan that will groom you for financial success and a good home loan!

Upkeeping The Credit Report

People need to learn how to take care of the Credit Report in order to keep it as clean as possible.

Accounting And Reporting Requirements Of Close Corporations

A corporation must keep such accounting records as are necessary to fairly present the state of affairs and business of the corporation and to explain the transactions and financial position of the corporation. Proper accounting and reporting of a close corporation (CC) is essential to avoid any criminal action taken against its members for fraudulent or falsified records.

Determination Of Depreciation

The recording of fixed assets and the related, periodic writing off of depreciation is based on the concept of the accounting entity as a going concern with an indefinite lifespan. Depreciation is the systematic distribution of the cost of a fixed asset over its useful life so that the cost of using the asset is appropriately matched or apportioned to the income generated by that use.

The Types Of Accounting

Accounting is generally agreed as an art rather than a science however there are many scientific methods that are being used in accounting. Accounting involves the analysis and interpretation of data.

Accounting – Casualty or Theft Losses

When accounting for an individual casualty or theft loss deduction, you must consider several conditions in order to qualify. Certain conditions and calculations are mandatory when accounting for this deduction that will reduce the amount of your claim.

Accounting Practise Approach And Theory

The function of man as a whole is based on certain underlying assumptions. We assume, for example, that it is safe to cross the road when the traffic light shows green. This and many other assumptions dictate our daily behavior.

Is The Interest Rate A Clear Indicator Of Your Cost Of Borrowing

Are you considering taking out a loan for some extra cash flow? If you are, then the most important aspect of getting a loan is to calculate the interest rate. The lower the interest rate then obviously the lower the cost of borrowing.

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