Possible Bank Runs 💸 In EU Could Mean Account Freezes So Time We Embraced Bitcoin (The Cryptoverse)

Finexo Forex Review 7 Years On – A Review of the Leading Industry Based Forex System Platform Online

Finexo, regulated by the BaFin, the Federal Ministry of Finance in Germany, are a Cyprus based company that have been running the web based forex trading platform for 7 years now. Argued by some traders to deliver the most comprehensive, yet hassle free user platform, their 2 pip spread is generally regarded higher than others, which in many respects is to be expected as they are one of the most governed, thus secure FX trading companies. So what are the additional pro’s of this company?

Forex Megadroid – Can This Forex Robot Cope With the Dynamic Forex Market?

More and more trading robots like FAP Turbo have been emerging and making a great contribution in the trading world offering a more lucrative career with not putting so much effort. Nevertheless, Forex Megadroid has also shown outstanding features that brought fame in its own way.

Finexo Forex Global Investments Trading Platform Review

Established in 2003, Finexo Forex is argued to be one of the “daddies” of forex system trading, and one of the few companies to integrate their Metatrader 4 platform with their new web based trading platform. The minimum deposit required to trade on their metatrader 4 platform is $100, but as advised by most experienced traders on this system, suggest you begin trading on their demo account first as it’s in both Finexo’s interest and your interest to make profit.

Forex Megadroid – Really a Distinctive Forex Trading System For Making Successful Trades

Albert Perrie and John Grace are the two trading gurus. They started trading almost 40 years before. At that time, there was no concept of automation and robots.

Finexo Forex Trading Broker Review

With over 4 Trillion traded daily on the most liquid and volatile trading market in the world, it’s little wonder that the competition between trading systems is so intense, that the days of dubious companies, such as Easyforex and Etoro, who’s sole interest is argued to be getting the customer to hand over cash immediately – seem to be numbered. This is obviously because novice traders and pro’s alike are sick and tired of handing over money, only to find a service not living up to what it’s marketing claims. So the tide is…

Best Forex Robot – Are You Sure You’ve Got the Authentic Forex Megadroid?

Even piracy in trading software has been very rampant nowadays. Cheaters steal the hard earned money of many people by trying to counterfeit the quality and competency of the product.

Ivybot Honest Review – Is it Really the Best Forex Trading Software in the Market?

Forex trading has been one of the most lucrative businesses so far with people making money sitting at home using forex trading software available in the market today. It is becoming easier by the day in operating the software because the software does all the important things that any person with some knowledge of forex trading would do.

Ivybot Forex Trading Robots – Can it Really Make Easy Profit For You?

The world of forex trading today has more of software today and less of labor. The software, which operates automated robots to earn profits and revenues from the currency exchange rates are known as forex trading robots. These robots scan the forex markets and deals closely and based on a great amount of data it has, it calculates the time which would be the best for closing a deal. Ivybot is one such software robot, which helps in deciding the forex deals and the profits of the owner. Ivybot is fed with all the currency data and it is believed that this software can actually deal in four currency pairs.

Currency Trading Charts Will Assist You With Your Analysis

One of the most intimidating things about forex trading is the use of technical and mathematical analysis one of them being the currency trading charts. Through these currency trading charts, forex traders are able to more accurately conduct technical analysis that will help them succeed in their trading. This article explores some of these charts.

Forex MegaDroid – The Basics of Forex MegaDroid For the New Users

Nowadays, all the traders rush to purchase their own robots as they really want to automate their trades. Now, People are very much willing to participate in forex trading. Prior to the forex robots, the process of trading was very much complicated because you had to do each and every thing by yourself. Hence, it makes you enable to make much money through Forex trading. These robots save your time and money.

Forex MegaDroid – The Very First Robot That Implements AI Technology For Trading

The advancement in computer technology gave birth to Artificial Intelligence. Now, it is the time to implement this technology into the field of Forex trading. Albert Perrie and John Grace made a lot of efforts in embedding this technology into software form that is Forex MegaDroid. It is the very first forex robot that has an ability to work under a very new RCPTA technology which is purely based on Artificial Intelligence.

How to Cultivate Your Winning Forex Trading Mindset

A trading mindset is the cornerstone of any successful trader’s skills – know how to build up your approach to trading. Taking a chance in trading is equivalent to trying your luck in a card game, you venture by placing your bet on your aces and other strong cards, try to set up a retreat arrangement by managing risks and plan how to use your cards to maximize your winning potential at all junctures of the gamble. This remains your strategy whether you triumph or fail.

Why Currency Changes?

Foreign currency trading is a very common investment. It is so common that I actually saw many elderly trade forex, even though they do not have a lot of forex knowledge. But in order to do a real investment instead of a bet, you need to equip yourself with the basic information and knowledge of foreign currencies.

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