Portfolio Update – Revealing My ENTIRE Multi-Million Dollar Crypto Portfolio

Trading Is Such a Psychological Task!

The activity we call trading, whatever the type of securities we might focus on, requires not only a sophisticated understanding of technical tools of analysis and interpretation, but also a very high level of psychological fortitude in order to properly implement those tools under uncertain and oftentimes adverse conditions. Nowhere else are we so much at the mercy of our hopes and fears as in trading the markets. Even though I understood this concept at a relatively early stage in my trading development, it didn’t become truly a clear concept until I taught one of my first Pristine Trading Laboratories…

Financial Planning 101

To some folks planning their money and how to spend it comes so easy and very simple, but to others it is a tall other that takes time and lots of efforts. But the question is it even important to plan your finances. Well that is a big yes because theirs will help you put down some money to cater for today’s wants and tomorrows needs For those of us who do not have this skill in handy, you sometimes battle with what to do with money and you finally ends up using it to buy than putting it…

The Importance of Planning Your Finances

Have you ever thought of how vital; it is to have your finances planned? What do you even stand to gain from going this direction? There are a lot of benefits but basically this makes you less vulnerable in times of emergencies, and they always make sure you are in a better position to your now and tomorrows financial challenges.

Your Money – A “Lake” or a “River”?

A large part of our economy has turned stagnant – like a muddy lake. (And no, it’s not all doom – some parts are flowing well.) If money is a lake to you, do what you can to turn it into a river. If it’s a river, increase its flow. Give to charities, invest, start a business, hire people. What you judiciously stream out could well flow back larger than before, for such is the nature of capital.

CFDs – Trading With Margin

CFD means “Contract for Difference”. This tool is an excellent way of trading in stocks, shares, indices, forex and other financial instruments. It allows you to trade with margin. This means that, with a small amount of capital, you can trade big.

CFD Trading – Go Short, Go Long, Make Money!

CFD Trading enables you to hold a position in the market without actually owning the asset. CFD stands for Contract for Difference. It is a financial derivative that allows you to take positions depending on your expectations of market movements.

CFD Trading – Speculating With Ease

CFDs or contract for difference is a real boon in the world of stocks and shares. CFD is basically a contract between the buyer and the seller. Here the buyer agrees to pay the seller, and vice versa, the difference between the current asset value and its contract time value.

How Guaranteed or Structured Products Lose You Money

Perhaps the single biggest question I am asked about is structured investment products and they bore me senseless. These are the products you will see listed in bank windows or sold over the phone/direct mailers. They are sold as protecting the downside of your money with an element of return on the upside and are, in most cases that I see, sold to risk averse investors as a reasonably simple straight forward investment.

Do Not Leave Secured Loans, Mortgages Or Remortgages To An Amateur

When people want most things done in life they consult an expert. However when it comes to mortgages, remortgages and secured loans, many go it alone which could prove to be an expensive mistake.

The Advantages Of Using CFD As An Instrument

CFD are instruments that can be used to take positions in stocks. Now, the question arises if they are the same things as stocks why use them at all, why not use the real thing itself? The answer to this is pretty simple.

Thinking of Going Back to School While on Extended Unemployment?

If you are in some kind of extended unemployment and you’re considering of going back to school to make better use of your time, think again. And again. One wrong move and you may lose your unemployment compensation for good.

Safety Tips to Save Your Pin Numbers

Pin numbers are quick access to your bank account, however, this can easily be used by anyone else. For this reason, it is essential that you should have some basic idea about securing your pin number. Here are few tips for keeping your Number safe.

The Hub For Charter Account Services

The financial capital of India, Mumbai is growing at a very fast pace, making close by Pune a mini hub for various services. In a way it mirrors the booming industrial sector of the country. Indian corporate sector and the huge presence of the multinational companies have morphed the Indian corporate world into an extremely competitive and growth prone sector.

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