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The Financial Aspects of Unemployment

This paper discusses how to survive financially when you are unemployed. It will look at developing a plan, developing a survival budget, and options when you cannot meet your financial obligations.

Yoga Principles Apply to Your Finances, Too

While I was supposed to be relaxing my mind and focusing on my breath, it occurred to me that important principles in yoga also apply to the world of investing and financial planning. The practice of yoga and the building of healthy finances both require balance through developing strength and flexibility.

Never a Better Time to Sell Old Gold

If you are in need of some extra padding in your wallet, or maybe some funds to take care of a surprise bill, selling your old gold may be the way to go. As you have probably heard gold prices are soaring, and because of this many people have invested in it over this last year.

Offshore Banking For Beginners

In a broad sense, people refer to offshore banking as the services that an individual receives from a bank outside his or her country of residence. For instance, if I live in the USA and have a deposit in a bank in the UK, it can be said that I am an offshore banking user.

Characteristics of Standby Letters of Credit

When your business is grown to the point to be able to export goods or import supplies from others you need to be introduced to a useful tool: the Standby letter of credit, also known as SBLC. The standby letter of credit or SBLC is the irrevocable commitment of the bank to compensate the beneficiary in the event of default of payment of the debtor. SBLC are designed according to what the International Stand-By Rules And Practices or ISP98 establish. The SBLC is a bank guarantee that it is used by exporters to secure the execution of a contract. It is easy to implement and manage and it is an adapted guarantee that can be used for transactions or specific operations with commercial partners that are known and frequent.

How to Beat the Banks at Their Own Game

The myths and fables that surround money are many, from Babylon to the Black Stump it is revered, feared, loved, hated and even wars are fought because of it. But what is money really? Does it have value of a material nature or even a spiritual one? What can be construed as money in this day and age?

Key Issues in the Management of Liquidity Risk

Liquidity problems from mid 2007 onwards, focused minds on the whole question of liquidity risk management. How banks should manage their liquidity is set out by the Basel Committee in the form of seventeen individual “principles”. This article summarizes the current key requirements for managing this critical risk.

Where to Get Grant Information For Applying For Free Grant Money – Cash You Never Pay Back

Because of the number of government and private grant programs, finding appropriate grant information to help you find and apply for these program may not be as easy as you would think. Unlike a bank loan that has a fairly standard and straightforward to applying for a loan, grants can vary greatly in their application requirements and terms.

Government Grants For Individuals – Getting Federal Grant Funding – Never Pay it Back

If you are carrying debt, buying a new home, going to school, or a single parent, you may qualify for federal grant funding. Government grants help millions of American citizens every year by providing over $80 billion in financial aid to individuals. While many people believe grant money is only available for research or low income families, there are many programs that assist people regardless of credit or income. Here’s what you can get…

International Financial Reporting Standards

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are standards and interpretations adopted by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). Many of the standards forming part of International Financial Reporting Standards are known by the older name of International Accounting Standards. International Accounting Standards was issued between 1973 and 2001 by the board of the International Accounting Standards Committee. In April 2001 the International Accounting Standards Board adopted all International Accounting Standards and continued their development, calling the new standards International Financial Reporting Standards.

How to Find the Right Financial Services Firm

The global financial crisis has created one of the worst recessions since 1982 and this has caused millions of investors to have many sleepless nights as they struggle to find a strategy that will protect them during the bad times yet allow them to participate in the growth during times of expansion. While there is nothing wrong with this many financial services firms have promised the world yet undelivered on the promises that they made to their clients, causing them to lose money. The current economic situation underscores this lack of follow through which has taken place with in the financial services industry.

Free Government Grants For Women – Anyone?

Are you aware that US government allocates more than USD500 billion as grants for its citizens every year? Have you ever known that some of these government grants are meant specifically for women? It is not a joke. You may visit the website of US Government’s grant to find out the truth. In the year of 2009, US government has allocated USD99.7 billion grants for women.

How California Could Turn Its IOUs Into Dollars

California has over $17 billion on deposit in banks that have refused to honor its IOUs, forcing legislators to accept crippling budget cuts. These austerity measures are unnecessary. If the state were to deposit its money in its own state-owned bank, it could have enough credit to solve its budget crisis with funds to spare.

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