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Choosing the Right Broker For Your Needs

What we want is a kindly figure who will listen intently to our financial history and then harness extensive knowledge, experience and a measure of second sight to draw up a plan guaranteeing us a happy and secure life. Not too much to ask is it? Well, such individuals do exist.

Securing a Remortgage Deal in the Credit Crunch

A review of remortgage deals in the credit crunch. Are new mortgages and remortgages still available?

2 Ways to Put Your Children’s Money to Work

Recently I’ve been sharing tax strategies related to getting your children in the game and on your payroll. Now that you’ve put your children to work, the next step is to put their money to work! There are many ways your children can put their money to work.

The Art of Financial Management

Understanding finance has become an essential nowadays. Wherever you go, whatever you do you must always have the art of financial management. Gone are the days when finance and business meant only for businessmen alone. With the evolution of money making as an art, more and more people are joining the race of making money in the best possible way. You can also be an efficient money maker provided you are well aware of the various new trends of the market.

We Need to Know About Red Flag Compliance

Finally the US government has passed an act that will protect the American public hopefully from identity theft. It is really strange to just hear about this and I do not think the general public is aware of this act. I am here to give you the heads up on what we need to know about this act and what to look for as a consumer.

Successful Investing – What Do You Want?

This weekend I am teaching at a conference for individual investors. While talking with them it has become apparent they really don’t know what they want when it comes to investing or trading their money. The number one question I am being asked – “is the bottom in?”

Take a Load Off Fannie – Salvaging the Mortgage Giants Without Bankrupting the Taxpayers

Did the government’s “rescue” of Fannie and Freddie reverse the housing crisis or just save foreign investors? And what will the cost be to the taxpayers? There is a way to reverse the housing crisis that would cost taxpayers nothing.

What Does a Government Take Over of Fannie & Freddie Mean For the Average American?

So the inevitable has finally happened. A few months back the government authorized themselves the power to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac “should the need arise”. Yesterday the government finally pulled the trigger on their carefully planned take over of the mortgage giants that are responsible for about $6 trillion dollars in mortgage debt between the two of them.

7 Practical and Emotional Tips For Choosing a Financial Behavior Coach

As a licensed psychologist and a Registered Financial Consultant, I often see how people struggle to reach their money-related goals. Efforts to change unproductive financial behaviors frequently fail despite good intentions. New Year’s resolutions to pay off credit card debt, increase savings, and plan for retirement, become sidetracked by tendencies to procrastinate or overspend.

Apple’s Market Outlook

Steve Jobs recently remarked that in its first month of operations the iTunes applications store had over $30 million in sales for its first month. Jobs predicted that the apps store would translate into at least $360 million annual increase in gross revenues for the company. Jobs went on to say that the Apple would see $500 million and possibly $1 billion in revenue from the online store soon.

Resolving Supplier and Creditor Pressures

Many businesses find themselves at some stage of their lifecycle experiencing financial difficulties and cashflow pressures. The credit crunch and pending recession is likely to increase these problems and many experts anticipate a significant increase in the number of insolvencies during 2008 and 2009. The key to avoiding closure and liquidation is to take action as soon as a problem surfaces.

Four Financial Facts of Life to Teach Children

Mommy I want that new video game! Dad I want the new I-Phone! Grandma I want the new Mac Book!

United First Financial Scam Review, Legit Or Scam?

These are some of my concerns. Also, as a licensed mortgage broker and someone who has been in financial services for over 25 years, I would question the credentials of those marketing this product.

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