Opensea HACKED… AGAIN + Record Breaking NFT Sales

Which One Will You Choose?

We’ve been told that we are better financially than the generation before us, but are we really? Find out how we measure up.

You Can Either Be Right Or You Can Be Rich

I spent a big part of my life proving I was “right”. I also spent a big part of my life broke and unhappy. The truth of the matter is that you can either be rich or you can be right, but you can’t be both.

The Secret to Financial Freedom

80% of people out there wish they had more money. I don’t think it’s a matter of not wanting to work for it, I think it’s a matter of not knowing how to get it. This article will start you down the path of thinking rich and knowing what action to take to get you there.

It’s Great Being Passive

You read the books and hear all the time about people “doubling their income”. As a former salaried employee, I assumed they were always talking straight to sales people. I now know they weren’t, learn how you can actually double your income while still getting paid your salary.

Your Personal Economic Strategy Part 1

While the government is trying to figure out how to best fix the nations economy, you’re probably trying to figure out how to fix your own. This series of articles will help you do just that.

CCTV Security is Not Cheap But You Can Get Yours Without Going Broke

CCTV security is a TV system that transmits video recordings to connected monitors. These recordings are captured by hidden or unhidden wireless or wired cameras positioned outdoors or indoors and these recordings are sent to the control unit. The system could also be hooked to an alarm system to alert security personnel to doubtful activities or emergencies.

Boomers – Lets Get Real About Money

Where has all our money gone? Prioritize your life, your money, your goals. Saving money can be an adventure.

Wiring Money Service – Some Basic Information

Find out the different wiring money service available in your area. Discover how you can make your money transfer transactions secure, fast, and economical. Choose from among the options the one that offers the best to your advantage.

Economic Fortune Teller – A Look at This Coming Depression and a Huge Financial Readjustment

In November 2006 I predicted a coming depression. Are we seeing that unfolding before our eyes. How can a pleb like me even recognize the signs.

Invoice Factoring Provides Much-Needed Cash Flow For Companies

Invoice factoring is the practice of selling the interest in receivables or invoices to a third-party, or “factor,” at a discount. By factoring receivables a company can leverage the value of its receivables by collecting the funds from the factor well in advance of the payment by its customers. Factoring receivables allows a company to reduce payment turnaround by 30-45 days.

The Bizarre Resurgence of Banks

In these uncertain economic times, it’s hard to find the right bank. Not the kind to keep your bills, but the kind to keep your coins. Here’s a few innovative piggy banks from the Far East that can make saving change not only a worthwhile venture – but also a strange and surreal experience…

Know About Your Car Payment

As a car driver, whether you rent or mortgage, you have to pay for bills every month. For many people those are the biggest expenses in their lives. People should figure out how much money spent on a car is suitable and worthwhile for themselves.

Why Congress Needs to Approve a Banking Plan That Makes Sense

The recent defeat of the “bailout” plan by the House of Representatives is shortsighted, and may prove harmful. Responding to feedback from their constituents, House Republicans defeated a proposal that would allow the transfer of tainted mortgages from financial institutions to a governmental agency that would administer these troubled mortgage loans.

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