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Search Your Unclaimed Money

There are billions of dollars and still growing unclaimed money in the United States. Aren’t you curious if you are one of those people who own this money? You can search your unclaimed money and find out if you are one of the rightful owners who can file a claim. It would be a great discovery to find hidden properties that’s been hiding for years and turned out to be yours.

Maverick v. Motley – Who Will Win the Covered Calls Debate?

Covered calls are a superb way of making a steady 3% to 5% a month from the stock market. A piece on Motley Fool called “Stay Away From Covered Calls” by Dan Caplinger reveals how, sometimes, even the experts make mistakes. Mr Caplinger seems not to understand the power of covered calls. This article sets the record straight.

Analyzing Your Bank Statement On a Daily Basis

How many business owners take out the time to review and analyze their bank statements, daily? When we perform accounting tasks we basically record data from the bank statement and perform reconciliation to our cashbook or ledgers. Evaluating transactions on a bank statement is a completely different exercise from accounting for the respective items. Businesses lose thousands, due to failure to review the transactions on their bank statements, regularly.

The Banking World Is Changing

With the change in time our modes of payment have also changed. In early days payments were made by checks and cash, which is now replaced by cards.

How To Choose And Open An Offshore Bank Account

The article discusses in detail about the growing demand and importance of offshore bank account, for both offshore private bank accounts and offshore business bank accounts. It provides a guideline and procedure for choosing the right offshore bank and international company formation and banking specialist. In addition, it advises on offshore trust formation and offshore asset protection.

What Are Grants?

A grant is a free gift of money, goods, or services. You never have to pay back a grant.

Business Finance – Multiply Your Profits

Business finance is meant for commercial purpose. The funds help to set a fresh business or expand the current business in a worry free manner. The funds can be acquired with or without the use of collateral.

Do You Have Unclaimed Money To Your Name?

There are billions of dollars in unclaimed money and property right now. You could be owed money and not even realize it.

IPO Mania -7 Noteworthy Events Of 1998!

With their busy schedules and lifestyles, most people find it difficult to keep track of many consequential events that may have come and gone in a single particular year! It is only after historians make known the results of their findings, that the public wakes up to the fact that a certain year has been particularly significant and they were not even aware of it!

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – What Are The Essentials?

You don’t have to put up with harassing telephone calls from debt collectors. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act gives you rights – and entitles you to sue if debt collectors don’t play fair with you.

A Guide to Asset Protection

Asset Protection Guide: The strange and sometimes puzzling evolutions in the business world ask for more and more secure methods of protecting the client’s assets. In spite of all popular articles claiming the right to be taken into consideration, asset protection strategies depend on individual perceptions. Each person involved in a business is supposed to choose his own means to protect his assets.

Roller Coaster For Interest Rates

The start of this year has been a roller coaster for interest rates and a steep drop for housing prices. The most common thing I have seen lately is friends and clients looking to refinance and finding out their mortgage is the same or higher than their home value. If this is the case…

Why Your Grant Application Was Rejected

Looking for a grant for your business? Don’t waste your precious time applying for the wrong grant! Here’s some insider’s tips on how to avoid the rejection heap for your grant application!

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