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Financial Strategy

Having a financial strategy is one of the best and most reliable ways to insure yourself against financial problems in the future. When you have a plan, have organized your income appropriately, you are in a position to save and invest at your own discretion.

Personal Checks – Finding Routing Numbers

Learn about how you can order personal checks as well as how you can find routing numbers and bank account numbers on your checks. Discover options for recording debit card purchases as well.

Free Money Saving Tools For Overseas Workers and Migrants

The purpose of this article is to provide free money saving tools that will benefit overseas workers and migrants so that they can use those savings to provide a better life for their families. All of the money saving tools that are listed in this article are all free.

Bad Financial Advisors – Can You Cut Your Losses and Still Get Paid?

Bad financial advisors may be the cause of all the money you lost during the bear market.  There are many perfectly legal avenues a financial advisor, or brokers as we use to call them, can lose all of your money and you can’t do anything about it.

What Music Taught Me About My Money Relationship

At age 15, I spent my summer at the Aspen Music Festival. It still rates as one of my best summers, ever. I made fast friends with a community of amazing, talented high school kids, many of whom were already attending Juilliard’s Pre-College School.

Transforming the Financial Institution Into a Green Machine

Financial institutions around the globe are beginning to catch the green wave by offering green products and services in an attempt to appeal to more environmentally-friendly consumers. However, many financial institutions in the U.S. are still unaware of the dramatic impact that they can have on their consumers and the environment.

Money Ideas

Financial freedom is something every human being should desire and go after. What exactly is financial freedom? Financial freedom is a state you get to in life where you don’t necessarily have to work again and yet be able to meet your various needs.

Tough Times All Over – 4 Ways to Help Without Spending a Dime

Are people that you care about struggling through financial tough times right now? Do you wish you could help them, but you’re not in a financial position to do so? Here are 4 ways to help your loved ones, without spending a dime.

Accounts Receivable Financing Verses Purchase Order Financing

Two types of alternative business financing that often get confused with one another are Accounts Receivable Financing and Purchase Order Financing. It’s understandable that they sometimes get confused, however, they are two very different types of alternative business financing that serve two very different purposes.

Financing For the Trucking Industry

Trucking companies depend the most on ready cash because they have to meet with everyday expenses. They may have to meet with unexpected repairs of their trucks, weather delays, and payments for their drivers, and other staff. Trucking business can be a very profitable business if the cash flow is managed properly.

Analysis on the Types of Finance Indicator

Financial aspects have been correctly evaluated with the help of the finance indicator. Learn how this takes place in this article.

Consumer Lending Bank Survey

Residential and consumer financing are tight as a tourniquet. You’ll need excellent credit and a considerable down payment to take advantage of lower home prices. If you already own a home and want to tap into the equity, prepare for a rough ride.

Remittances – Looking Ahead

Philippine remittance services have evolved significantly in the last 25 years. Arising from a need to send money home in a safe and reliable manner but held back by the high cost of transacting through banks, OFWs sought more economical means of sending money home.

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