Mona Lisa or The Monkey?

Keeping Abreast With the Latest Finance KPI Trends

It has long been established that finance KPIs play a very important role in the success of any business, no matter the size and tenure in the arena. It is no wonder how many businesses, even the smallest ones, are now establishing their very own systems of KPIs and metrics to manage performance and operations of their enterprises.

Financial Planners and Advisors Reveal in Industry Survey How They Are Weathering Financial Storm

Over the past three years, my firm has done considerable research on the opinions held, and the strategies employed, by financial advisors. Our research covers a full range of RIAs and CFP® professionals. Most recently, to understand the effects of this watershed recession on financial advisors, I had my staff conduct a comprehensive survey during and following the NAPFA Practice Management and Technology Management Conference in Las Vegas in late October, 2008.

Free Federal Grant Money

Federal grant money is available for many different things. The most common type of grants are project grants mostly awarded in technology, science, education,the arts, and health care. Social service grants are also awarded.

Community Development Federal Grants

Community development grants are given out to help bring up minority communities and facilitate better economic and welfare opportunities. These grants are issued for a variety of purposes some of which include – Preserving and safeguarding war field lands and giving out substantial funds for carrying out various survering and educational activities that would promote economic welfare. Aiding local economies to become more aggressive and independent and providing grants for self sustenance and social and economic welfare.

Are You Looking For Informational Blogs About Government Grants?

It’s really amazing to me the plethora of information that is available on the Internet these days. I mean just by using a keyword on Google for anything, you can come up with thousands if not millions and even billions of results. The great thing about this is that the information you want or the questions you might have are probably answered somewhere out there.

Savings Account – Blessing in Disguise

It is always a nice option to make hay while the sun shines. In this case the saving account can be referred to as the blessing in disguise. With the support of these accounts you can surely reap huge benefits in future at ease.

Can I Give Financial Advice?

Sometimes we hate talking about money for the sole reason that we know we are going to get unwanted advice. If you mention to your mother that you almost didn’t have enough to pay your mortgage this month you’ll get an earful about how to save money or not to buy what you can’t afford.

Should You Finance That Computer?

Is financing always the right choice? Better yet, is financing ever the right choice? Find out what financing anything could do to you.

Effectiveness of Online Money Management Software Lies in Its Ingredients!

Likewise for any online money management software, there are certain essentials to which a consumer as well as the software company should give due importance. These factors become the part and parcel of the money management software and act as a supplement.

Can You Plan Your Money the Wrong Way?

Money management is important. If you just spend mindlessly, you will probably fall into a lot of trouble and make quite a mess in your life. In order to avoid money problems in your life, you have to plan out your finances.

Dude, Where’s My Bailout?

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve Board revised its target rate for the Fed Funds Rate down to 0% to ¼ %. This represents an historic low (in more ways than one) for a quasi-governmental entity charged with exercising independent monetary (as opposed to fiscal) policy of the United States. The Fed, in addition to the reduction of an interest rate already priced in to the government paper yields, took the unprecedented step of issuing a statement to the effect that it would keep its rates low for the foreseeable future in order to fight the endemic weakness in the economy, and …

A Safe Investment Strategy

After years of unprecedented market gains the recent financial meltdown has caused investors nationwide to wake up with a head-splitting financial hangover. Believe me, I know your pain. The worst was taking a 90 percent loss while vested in a technology mutual fund.

Is Federal Government Spending Failing America? Reviewing the National Debt

The United States National Debt is also knows as the total public debt. It is the total sum of money the United States government is indebted to the public due to the federal spending of states, foreign governments, corporations, and individuals. The National Debt includes Treasury Bills, Bonds, Notes, US Savings Bonds, and the local and state government Series securities.

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