Michael Saylor’s BILLION Dollar Bitcoin Strategy REVEALED (How Whales Buy Bitcoin)

Improve Your Business Performance by Choosing ACH Payment Processing Solutions

For those who are not used to banking terminology, ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. Using this type of secure method ensures that your transactions are done without any errors, fast, and saves a lot of time. Automated Clearing House Payment In layman’s terms, ACH payment processing can be defined as electronic transfers from one account to another without the physical movement or changing hands of any paperwork.

All You Need To Know About Phantom Stocks

Phantom stocks are generally known as Shadow Stocks. Most companies give these kind of stocks to its employees as a cash reward. The shadow stocks given are equivalent to the company’s existing share market price at the time it is offered to the employees.

Companies Need Access To Accurate, Timely Data

Monthly reports look backward. They tell business owners what happened last month, quarter and year. Sales forecasts give companies an idea of what might occur in the future. They help retailers plan their inventory and staffing for the seasons ahead. Entrepreneurs need both sets of information to run their endeavors successfully. Access to current information helps proprietors react swiftly to micro trends which make themselves evident over shorter windows of time. In many cases, however, this data is not readily available.

Why Women Fall Off the Financial Cliff

Why do so many women leave their financial future to chance? Why do women face so many challenges with their finances? If you could learn how to overcome your financial concerns, would you take action?

The Benefits of Banks and Their Services

This article is about banks and their services. It explains most of the benefits that people and investors get from banking.

The Universe and the Federal Deficit

I’ve always been intrigued by the vastness of space. Earlier today I found it fascinating to learn that two teams of astronomers at the California Institute of Technology and the University of Colorado Boulder discovered what they believe is the largest and furthest reservoir of water ever detected in our universe. The amount of water is estimated to be 100,000 times the mass of the sun or 34 billion times the mass of the Earth in a quasar some 12 billion light years distant. The speed of light is 186, 282 MPS (miles per second), one light year is just a bit less than 6 trillion miles. The concept of 12 billion x 6 trillion miles distant is difficult for me to fathom.

Having a Financial Aid Consultant Is the New Best Way to Pay for College.

Having your very own personal financial aid expert continually looking out for your interest is as valuable as having a very good defense attorney. Throughout our society we have become increasingly depended upon the services of experts to advices us on the most complex and challenging parts of our lives. Just like a tax professional helps prepare our taxes, a personal trainer help us get in shape, a nutritionist picks our meals, a financial planner help us with our finances or even a realtor help us find our dream home.

The Only Constant In Our Finances Is Change

We may look at change as a bad thing at times. It changes our routine and throws us off balance. But, in actuality, changes in our life should not come as a surprise. They should be expected. Financial changes may come our way at any given moment. Our challenge is to be able to withstand the change and go with the new flow.

Strategies For Investing In Physical Gold

The article is all about some easy ways to invest in physical gold. It could be through buying gold jewellery, gold bars or bullion.

Child Benefit – Should You Opt Out?

It is estimated that only around 200,000 people have opted out of receiving child benefit since the government announced the new rules. This probably leaves around one million people who are very likely to be hit by the ‘high income child benefit charge’. As the vast majority of our clients earn well in excess of the earnings figures discussed below, this is an issue that will affect many, and perhaps making an informed choice now can make matters simpler. So what are these new rules and should you take action to opt out of receiving child benefit?

Saving Money on Your Laundry

Having clean clothes is a must, but is continuing to get more and more expensive. Newer and more advanced products are coming out, and the price speaks for itself. Doing laundry is something you will always have to do, so you need to know how to maximize your savings.

Planning For a Baby – What You Need To Know

As part of my live well series, I wanted to address the financial implications of having children, or more specifically, having your first child. While becoming a parent is very exciting and fulfilling, it’s also significantly life changing in many ways… but here, let me focus on the financial aspects of becoming a parent.

The Downside of Saving Money

Why putting your money in your average savings account is a bad idea and where you can put it to beat inflation. The economy is getting worst, but that doesn’t mean the value of your dollar should either!

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