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Risk Insight

Risk exists in every action of our lives. It is simply the deviation of the actual happening from the expected result. The deviation may possibly be a positive or a negative outcome; however the term ‘risk’ is predominantly used in negative context. In financial world, risk is said to be existing when odds of actual return falling short of expected one are high.

Importance of Bond Duration

One of the regular risks, interest bearing instruments like bonds are prone to is the interest rate risk, which is the variation in the price of the instrument in relation to the changes in the general interest rates. The concept of ‘duration’ is the effective way of determining and mitigating the effects of interest rate alternations. It measures the sensitivity of the bond’s price to movements in interest rates and determines in how many years a bond shall repay its true cost.

Credit Card Debt – All About It

Do you know what the burning problem of America is at this point of time? Most of the people in America are in debt and they do not know how to get out of it. The people tend to face financial problems and they are trying their best to find some way to get relief.

More Efficient Trading With Forex Trading Programs

If you are stuck in the conventional method of trading, you must be well aware of the disadvantages. It takes too much time, and it can be inefficient.

Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts can be really advantageous because of the fact that they can allow you to accept payments by credit card. Having this set up is definitely beneficial if you are running an online business where you are not in direct contact with your customers. Many online businesses will tend to use the credit card for payment purposes because it is the easiest option available to both them and their customers.

Living Within Your Budget

Having a budget in place and living within it are not the same. You will always find you want something that is not budgeted for and you will always be tempted to buy on credit.

Personal Checks Not Going Away

Some things change, some things stay the same, and some things just have staying power that allows them to adapt over time and stick around. Personal checks are one of those things.

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast!

Looking for ways to make that extra cash? Need a little inspiration?

Brokers – Lending Expertise

The term broker is often misinterpreted as referring only to specialists who deal with insurance and the stock exchange, however, a broker is any specialist who lends their expertise to someone in order to help them make certain decisions or carry out certain tasks. Brokers are often hired by people who wish to partake in a particular activity, but do not have the expertise or knowledge to do so. They help people in making purchasing decisions, selling decisions, trading decisions etc.

Profile of a Successful Homeowner Under the Obama Housing Bailout Plan

So what could be causing the low numbers? Part of the problem was the lack of insight into what the profile of a successful HAMP applicant would be. In a hurry to keep the numbers impressively high, the administration decreed that proof of income be waived for the trial loan modification. Unfortunately, many of the delinquent homeowners have such a distorted income to debt ratio that majority of the trial loan modifications where bounced back.

How Mobile Virtual Network Aggregators (MVNA) Have Changed the Financing of a MVNO

The recent advent of mobile virtual network aggregators (MVNA) has substantially reduced the initial capital cost of setting-up a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). But has it reduced the commercial overall risk?

Financial Overhaul Bill and Real Estate

Recently, our congress successfully passed new legislation, courageously recomposing century-old U.S. financial rules. It seems our buddies in D.C. have acquired great economic know-how, unseating 80 years of financial thought in a single, 24-hour session.

A Brief Look at Microfinance

Lending is big business for banks across the globe as millions of people search for ways to make ends meet. Among the many financial services offered by lenders are small and relatively easier loans to be approved for known as microfinance.

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