MASSIVE Global Uncertainty Has Crypto Investors In FEAR (Exchanges Running Out of Bitcoin)

The Advantages of Novated Lease Agreements

The trend of purchasing a car under a novated lease arrangement is rapidly increasingly across Australia. A novated lease is an agreement between an employee, his or her employer and a car finance company. This type of agreement is generally beneficial to all the related parties.

Use CFDs To Trade Shares

Share CFDs are contracts that enable traders to trade on the price movements of shares, without owning the actual shares. And, as you are not actually buying the shares themselves, you can open a position with a deposit from just 5% of their total value.

3 Simple Steps To Establishing Goals For Saving Money

Saving money can be easy with these simple money tips offered by financial professionals. Your financial future begins today when you save toward a goal!

Save Money As a Londoner: 4 Easy and Little-Known Tips for Locals

London is full of opportunities to save or earn a bit of extra money here and there for those ‘in the know’. Over my many years here-plenty of them spent as a poor student-I have picked up a few quirky tricks, many of which most local Londoners themselves aren’t aware of. These are my favourite four.

Standard Cost Concepts Applied to Family Finance

In business, standard costs are mainly used for decision management and decision control. The same control applications can be employed for family finances. Standard costs concepts that are exercised in business prove beneficial to several areas of family finance.

Top Reasons To Consider A Novated Lease

Top Money-Saving Reasons to Choose a Novated Lease Both employees and employers can realize cost savings as well as other benefits through participating in this three-way arrangement. Basically, an employee chooses a vehicle he/she wishes to lease and the employer takes on the lease obligation, paying the monthly payments from the employee’s pre-tax income. Some of the valuable benefits of the novated lease are as follows:

Choosing Your Preference Shares

If you are wondering how to secure finances for the future, especially in the wake of the Eurozone crisis, then financial advice is extremely important. One chance you may have is to invest your money into different areas rather than trusting a bank account with a bank that inevitably has links to Greek debts.

10 Expert Steps For Getting Out Of Debt

Do you want to start getting out of debt? Here are 10 expert, but easy to follow steps, which are sure to help you get out of debt once you start following them.

Money-Making Fraud

Everybody wants to earn cash from the internet. For most people, it seems an easy job.

Top Dollar

The article tries to expose the harsh reality of today’s world. The author attempts to bring forth the pivotally evil role that money is playing in everybody’s lives and how it has become the only target, which even leads to compromises on Life’s Ethics. He ultimately resigns to the fact that to survive, we have to have it in our pockets.

Make Money From Your Spare Change

Spare change is something we all have laying around somewhere. Whether it’s tucked away nicely in the trusty ole piggy bank, lost in the couch cushions or riding around in your cup holder there is one thing you can know for sure. If it’s not being put to use then it’s not making you a penny!

The US Misery Index

The U.S. Misery Index recently hit a 28 year high, going back to 1983. The misery index is the sum of inflation and the unemployment rates and it hit 13 last month. So, it got me to thinking, where did things stand in 1983 and what did the next few years look like?

Community Banks and Credit Unions Catch a Break With Bank Fees

It’s been all over the news for weeks and people everywhere are getting fired-up about it. Even President Obama recently aired his complaints to ABC News, saying it was unfair to customers. We’re talking about bank fees.

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