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An Over-view of Risk Management in the Banking

The characteristics of present banking system is exposed to diverse market and non-market risks, which has put risk management in these sectors to a core functionary within the financial institutions. This has been essentially done to protect not only the interests of the stakeholders, but more obviously, in protection to the shareholders and creditors.

Option Trading – Calendar Spreads & Time Decay

How to determine what options to sell and what options to buy when doing calendar spreads. It is different, depending on if the options are +”in the money” or “out of the money”.

Futures Option Spreads – Delta Neutral Trading

Trading Delta Neutral with futures options. Which months are best for ratio back spreads.

Option Trading – Thinking “Outside The Box”

Learn different ways of trading futures options. Buy and sell spreads based on the price per day of the options.

Own Your Own Business? A Business Credit Cards May Be More Helpful Than You Think

In the present day society, business cards are past the level of useful and are now a growing necessity for corporations and businesses all over the world. Businesses of all complexity now enjoy the advantages offered by business credit cards. Some will argue that in spite of the popular beliefs, small businesses will profit more from these means of payment.

Ever Wonder How Credit Cards Are Made? – Manufacturing Credit Cards: Materials And Processes

The credit card is made of many plastic layers, laminated together. The center is commonly made from a plastic resin known as polyvinyl chloride acetate (PVCA). This resin is then mixed with other materials, such as dyes and plasticizers to give it the appropriate look and feel.

The Advanta Platinum Business Cards Simplifying Business

Advanta was established in 1951 and there are two banks under Advanta namely Advanta National Bank and Advanta.

Swiss Bank Account Swiss Asset Protection Trust Swiss Wealth Management Portfolio Managers

Swiss bank account Swiss Offshore bank account Private banking Wealth management Asset protection trust Portfolio management Inheritance and tax planning consultations. Bullion,Art and Precious stone banking are some of the services you can expect from Swiss banks.

How to Buy the Best Life Insurance

A guide to Life Insurance and the companies who sell it… Maybe you don’t need life insurance – right? Well I guess you don’t if you’re single, have a good chunk of money and plan to live a long life and a happy one. And there’s the rub! If you are like 99% of the population, you …

6 Questions To Ask A Merchant Account Provider

The future of successful businesses lies in perfecting an online business plan. The World Wide Web is acknowledged by management gurus to be the market place of the future. In order to conduct e-commerce you need to be able to accept payments virtually and for this you need to set up what is known as an “internet merchant account.”

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft – Part One

Identity theft is a nationwide scare. As millions of Americans fall prey to identity theft each and every year, we wonder how to protect ourselves.

The Real Success Requires Assembly Instructions

We would all like to attract more success in our life and the money that comes with it. But we are tired of listening to those old promises:

How to Help Avoid Identity Theft with These 12 Tips

Identity Theft has become a big industry. More than a million people each year are victims of this fraud. Learn how you can help protect your identity with 12 easy steps.

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