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Trading With Stop Losses

Trading with stop losses can be a tricky thing, especially if you plan on trading the forex market. There is one school of thought that says don’t ever put a stop order on your trades. I agree somewhat with this kind of philosophy.

Trading the Market For Beginners

I understand what it’s like to be trading the market when you are a beginner. Hey…..we’ve all been there!! Everybody has to start the same way. I don’t care who you are. It’s always this odd mixture of excitement and fear.

The Forex Trading Holy Grail?

I don’t think there are two words that I hate less in the realm of trading than the “holy grail”. I hate that there are so many people that are constantly searching for it. But most of all, I hate that traders think such a thing exists. It almost reminds me of Ponce De Leon and The Fountain Of Youth.

Is There Such a Thing As the “Best” Forex Trading System?

I know when I first started trading, all I really cared about was finding the best forex trading system. This happens with just about every forex newbie. There is nothing wrong with trying to achieve success in the forex market, there is one small problem, though…..it’s the word “system”.

The Best Forex Trading Indicator – Just Look in the Mirror

Everybody seems to want to find out what the best forex trading indicator is? If you have been on popular forex forums such as forex factory, I’m sure that you have seen your fair share of indicators. There’s A LOT of them, when you consider all the proprietary indicators that people create.

What’s Wrong With Forex Trading Robots?

Unless you’ve been living in the planet Mars for the last few years, I am sure you must have heard about forex trading robots. If not, they are in essence these automated forex trading systems that will automatically trade the forex market for you.

Day Trading the Forex Market – Can it Be Done?

There may be not be a better market to day trade than the forex market. When you’ve got a market that is open 24 hours a day, you can always find some time in your busy day to scalp the market.

Trading Forex With Price Action

There are a seemingly infinite amount of ways to trade the forex market. There are thousands of indicators which you can use to create many mechanical forex trading systems.

Forex Winning Traders

If you’re struggling with forex trading, I can see why you would wonder if there are actually any winning forex traders? The truth is they are all over the place!! The only problem is that you always hear about the traders who are losing money.

Auto Forex Trading With the Megadroid Trading Robot

The Forex Megadroid currency trading system is an automated robot program that will make trades for you. The Megadroid appears to be a popular robot on the market today. The robot was developed by Albert Perrie and John Grace who are two well-experienced currency traders with over forty-two years in the currency market.

The Best Long Term Forex Trading Strategies – Long Term Success

I am sure that we would agree that a long term forex trading strategy would provide us with more freedom. You would be spending less time trading and more time enjoying what is important to you.

Forex Robots – Invest on Forex Robots and Let Objectivity Rule Your Emotions

The nervous system is an integral part of the human body. It contributes a great part to human emotions. Psychologists say whatever comes through the mind must first pass through the senses. In the world of foreign exchange (forex) trading, human emotions play a part in the decision-making process that spells one’s success and another one’s failure. Why do traders’ results vary so widely? The difference lies in our mindset – the human emotions which play behind every decision we make.

FAP Turbo – Factors That You Need to Consider in This Forex Robot

Many of you might have heard of the FAP Turbo. People engaged in foreign exchange currency trading activities have also seen and read about this robot software that promises to be the most efficient when it comes to earning you huge profits. Since there are a lot of automated systems that promise the same things as the FAP Turbo, how do we know if it really lives up to the expectations?

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