LARGEST Software Developer Joins Forces with Ethereum (Saudi Arabia Ditches US Dollar)

How Is The Greek Economy Doing Today?

Greece is a marvelous country, the cradle of Western civilization, the place where democracy sprang up. Greece is filled with history, arts, sciences, philosophy and mythology, a magic place where you can always feel like good, relax and enjoy the marvels of nature. It is a special place, a token of the best values of humanity.

How To Select And the Benefits Related to Business Fuel Cards

If you are out on the roads and not carrying enough cash or credit cards to fill up your diesel or petrol tanks, you can rely on the business fuel cards. There are multiple benefits which are related to business fuel cards but you should you know how to select the correct ones.

Behavioral Finance and Your Investments

Behavioral Finance teaches us that just as the stock market operates in up and down cycles, markets also operate on their own “cycle of market emotions”. Interestingly these two cycles tend to move in tandem. Avoiding loss by refusing to sell an investment when it starts to deteriorate can cause permanent destruction of your wealth. Understanding loss aversion as a personal trait can be the difference between investment success and failure.

Key Points to Truth-In-Lending Changes Effective January 30th

In this article written for AllRegs, Marissa Aquila of Bankers Advisory, Inc. discusses the Truth-in-Lending Act as part of the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act (MDIA).

Mezzanine Financing – A Powerful Financing Vehicle for Growth

Mezzanine financing (“Mezz”) is a little known strategy available for privately held businesses and publicly traded companies that allows a strong performing company to increase its financial leverage in certain transactions. Generally speaking, mezz financing offers the features of both debt (regular interest and principal payments) and equity (options or warrants). Mezz debt will rank behind senior debt but ahead of equity holders in terms of security.

Being Mindful of Your Own Finance Issues

As a finance professional, a loan broker is considered an expert on money matters. Still, many loan brokers overlook their own business finances. These simple techniques will assist in creating mindfulness of your own finance issues.

How to Geographically Diversify Your Asset Allocation Fund

A great way to build wealth is by acquiring assets; therefore, a serious investor must learn how to successfully create his or her own asset allocation fund. Not all investments come in the form of stocks and bonds. There are options that remain less correlated with the rest of the financial world and can offer a safe haven against inflation and economic collapse. The concept that drives an asset allocation model is to have the overall portfolio constantly produce value while the investor monitors and adjusts it.

High Savings Interest Is High Risk in Today’s Inflationary Financial Climate

Seeking high savings interest rates has been a goal for most investors. The question is – Is that philosophy wise in today’s economic climate? A massive wealth transfer is taking place at this moment and will continue for a couple of years. Learn what’s happening around you. Take action. This situation is unique in history and will not repeat in our lifetimes

Convenient Banking Solutions By ASB Fast Net Services

ASB (Auckland Savings Bank) bank was started in 1847. Operational in New Zealand, it is one of the biggest banks, with branches throughout the nation. It has established its Internet Banking Services (IBS) to offer following solutions to its retail and commercial customers to offer convenient banking solutions.

Bank of China Looking to Boost Supplementary Capital

Bank of China says it plans to look at ways to raise non-core funding if new regulatory policies burden lenders. The potential enforcement of a new requirement by the country’s banking supervisory body, would affect Bank of China’s capital ratio in an unfavorable manner according to President Li Lihui. It’s now suspected that institutional lending and social financing growth will decrease from last years performance.

Looking for Funds for Your School? Don’t Forget the Grandparents

Think about it. Who loves the children just as much as their parents (maybe even more)? Who can you count on to show up for special events? Who’s there for the children when the parents cannot be? That’s right, the grandparents.

Comparing CFD Brokers and the Deals They Offer

People who want to get in on some CFD trading have to arm themselves with several things. The first thing that they need to do is learn everything that they can about CFD trading; that includes what it is, how it works and how it does not work. They must also take the time to learn some strategies and techniques that they can use while they are trading CFDs.

Spread Betting Course to Help You Learn More

Most people will be very quick to tell you that if you are interested in earning money from spread betting, you better be ready to start learning some new things about it. Do not scoff and brush off that advice since that may be the best advice that you will get when you are just starting out on your spread betting career.

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