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Betting on Financial Markets – What Is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is an easy and cost-effective way to trade financial markets. It enables the traders to profit from both rising and falling prices. It is more often viewed as an alternative to traditional trading as it allows gaining exposure to a financial instrument without actually having to own it.

Sending Bills and Collecting Payment Costs Every Business 5% of Revenue – Is This Really Correct?

According to several leading research companies on average, an organisation (of pretty much any size or type) spends 5% of its revenue on issuing its invoices and in collecting payments from customers. In this article, we will explore this claim and see if it reflects reality for both small and large organisations. To do this we will look at the figures based on two real UK businesses.

The Recession: Will It Affect Perfume Sales?

The obvious fact that the U.S. is in a recession is going to have people cutting costs in all places. Industries that are not essential, like perfume and other beauty products, will most likely see a drop in sales. Some fragrance companies have already been through several recessions and know how to get through another one. Other, more amateur perfume companies, may take a hit at this time. Which companies are likely to survive, and which ones are at risk during this recession?

4 Tips To Organize Your Personal Finances

Whether you consider yourself a financial expert or budgeting amateur, it’s important to have a solid system to help you organize your personal finances. Take a look at these great tips to organize your bills and personal finances.

Avoiding the Vicious Pension Circle: Why The Redundant Shouldn’t Forget About Their Pension

The UK’s top newspapers are screaming out about Britain’s economic downturn. In particular, over the last few months there has been a general consensus of how the depressing state of our economy is exacerbating a looming pension crisis. But there is a way of avoiding it.

Why Should You Chose Bookkeeping Firms To Deal With Your Financial Issues?

Bookkeeping is an integral part of smooth functioning of any business, be it small or big. It is undoubtedly a complex and tedious task. Big businesses can find it feasible to keep a separate department for their bookkeeping work, but it is not an easy option for small businesses to set up a separate bookkeeping department. What to do then? Well outsourcing their bookkeeping is the best choice then!

Spread Betting Indices

You may be one of those who have earned money through spread betting. The next best step would now be to look at spread betting indices as another means for speculation and possible means of getting large returns.

Financial Spread Betting

Financial spread betting is a means to give investors a chance to engage in trading across financial markets even without the need to physically own a certain financial instrument. Thus, the investor can bet or speculate on whether or not the direction of a certain financial instrument is to go up in price or to go down in price. The investor could speculate on a wide array of financial instruments ranging from shares of stocks, foreign exchange, stock market indices and commodities without any policy that they should own the investments that they wish to speculate on.

Let The St George Internet Banking Service Come Marching In

With the internet and a boom in the use and ownership of computers, laptops and smart phones the banking industry has gone out of their way to take advantage of this technology while at the same time incorporating their banking services into one package. Gone are the days of sending your payments in the mail where there is a chance it can get lost or arrive late due to unforeseen delays in the delivery.

Is Fraud A Greater Threat Than Realised?

The line between fraud and honest business is not always clear. This article will discuss this and why fraud is actually part of the economy, albeit an unwelcome one.

Utilizing Buying Power Through Retail Company Financing

Utilize your retail establishment’s buying power by considering retail company financing. Discover the benefits of sales financing, as well as what to look for when partnering with the best retail sales financing companies.

Top 4 Tips for Healthier Business Cash Flow

If there’s one thing that Entrepreneurs and SME owners understand, it’s that good cash flow finance is the lifeblood of any business. A healthy cash flow will help a business to thrive and develop, while poor or irregular cash flow can cause it to stagnate or even fail. Despite this seemingly obvious fact, cash flow issues are frequently neglected until it’s too late to recover.

How to Stay Safe at the ATM

ATMs are wonderful creations, after all, they are designed with the consumer in mind because they allow people with a bank account to withdraw money from that account without delay. However, overtime, people have found that using cash machines can lead them open to being mugged and attacked for their money, their card and their PIN. However, while this is rare, it doesn’t have happen, and there are ways that you can protect yourself at the ATM.

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