Is STEPN Sustainable? (Move to Earn Crypto)

CLTV, DU, & LP – What Is That?

I know about all the bad hype from the media about the mortgage market. And, of course I have heard each of our presidential candidates run down the economy over and over again. This happens every election year.

Butt Busting Income – Revolutionary Change in Production Styles

Are you an overachiever who loses ground after the shine wears off? Do you go like a house-a-fire then dwindle to a dribble under the long term pressure of achievement and goals? Most of us do. But you can sustain long term success, with these principles.

Banks – Pillars of Society, or Greedy Charlatans

Do you consider banks to be ‘Pillars of Society’ or could they assist ordinary people to lose everything they own. This article takes the lid off some secrets the banks would rather not have had disclosed.

Your Ike Silver Dollar – How Much Is It Worth?

So, you’ve stumbled across an Ike Dollar, and now you want to find out how much it’s worth. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Identifying the value of any coin is very important. By doing so, you can be assured that the coin you are selling is worth the amount paid.

The State Of The Mortgage Union – The Musings And Opinions Of One Man

Quite often mortgage loan officers blame the downturn in the mortgage and mortgage refinancing industry for their lack of closing mortgages when in actuality quite often they are simply not doing their job. Some don’t even fill out their 1003’s correctly. Today’s market will no longer allow these sloppy practices. Learn about proper training practices to correct this problem.

Not All Collection Agencies Created Equal

There is a difference between collection agencies. How much time and money will it cost to find the right agency?

Zero Cost Loans – How and why?

There are many benefits to doing a Zero Cost Loan. The most obvious one is that it cost you nothing. The APR is exactly the same as the note rate. How do we do this you ask? Through a little higher interest rate, we as a company receive extra compensation from the lender directly. With this extra compensation we pay for your closing costs. It’s as simple as that!

Throwing Good Money After Bad

Just like a gambler stuck on a losing craps table, the Fed seems to believe that all it needs to do is dump more money into a losing proposition. “Just another rate cut. This one surely has to pay out. I can feel it in my bones.” So far, the only thing these rate cuts have proven is that, apparently, commercial bankers…

International Issues in Banking Supervision

The global development of financial organizations has lead to existence of multinational financial institutions, raising the question about the form of regulation and supervision for them. Such cross-border arrangements of financial activities might have some, although not quite clear, implications on the domestic structure of regulation through several channels. For example, small countries dominated by the foreign banks may relax supervisory activity and thus “import regulation” from stable economies.

Winning Requires Non-Competition

Hard work alone does not suffice for success, it also takes brains. The wits portion suggests that only when a period of non-competition is created, can the business operate at full profit earning potential.

Where to Find the Most Bank For Your Buck!

In this day and age there is no reason why you shouldn’t be receiving any interest on your deposit accounts. Better yet there is no reason why you shouldn’t be earning above 2% on any deposit account. In this day and age you have numerous resources to cite for the best rates available.

Credit Repair – 5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use A Credit-Repair Service!

Every day, consumers pay huge sums of money to credit-repair service companies that promise a quick credit fix in an effort to handle disputes, improve their ratings and get a good FICO score. And almost all of the time, they find that their money is completely wasted. Having good credit can help you get much better interest rates for a car or home loan as you may know.

Bankers’ Secrets

This article was written to let people know about Check Systems. Something that sounds like no big deal, but is.

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