Is Bitcoin Still On Track To Reach 100k?

Revealed Forex Arbitrage Strategy Leads The Way Within Forex Community

The first step into discussing the nature of Forex Arbitrage is to get to know the concept of foreign exchange and arbitrage. Foreign exchange has two different meanings, the first being that it refers to the trading or buying and selling of foreign currencies, and secondly it refers to the market where said trading takes place or commonly known as the Forex market.

Options for Settling Credit Card Debt

If you get in over your head with credit cards, you do have options. What are they? Read on and find out.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis is normally referred to as a collection of methods that are used in processing large amount of information or data and also report the overall trends. Therefore, it is mainly useful when dealing with specific data. It provides different ways of reporting on how unusual event is actually based on certain historical data.

Are The Chinese Feeding It to the Fishes Again – High Finance and China’s Municipal Vehicles

One of the most important things in securing or raising capital is investor confidence. A high level of investor confidence can come in a number of ways. Strong quarterly sales, a positive outlook, a good credit rating, and legitimate accounting are some of the best ways.

Practical Ways to Save Money on Different Stuff

There are many ways to save money. In these times of hardship, you can look around and see ways to save. I have listed down in alphabetical order these things we might take for granted.

Understanding the Advantages of Trading CFDs

A CFD is a Contract for Difference where a product is traded without the actual product; hence, it is a derivative product where trading comes in the form of price changes in the chosen shares and stocks. There are trading costs involved when you trade CFDs. The CFD value mirrors the prices of the underlying stock wherein you make a profit or loss depending on its movement.

Who Will Win the Online Billing and Payment War?

In the last 2-3 years, large research companies who focus on Internet trends in billing and/or payments, such as Ascent, Aite Group, Billentis, Forrester, Javelin Research, and several others, have suggested that a “war” has broken out to try to win the race to control most of the online billing and payment transactions (at least it seems to have done so in much of the developed world). This war is apparently between 3 parties -The “consolidators”, the large billing merchants themselves (usually called “biller-direct”) and the “aggregators”. In this brief article we will look more closely at this on-line billing and payment “war” and try to assess who seems to be leading or lagging in their efforts to emerge triumphant.

How to Find Good and Cheap Computers for Students

Students need computers to help them to do their studies better. They are able to get financial assistance to buy them. If they have good credit scores and are able to produce collateral, they are able to get computer finance at very low rates.

Yield Calculation Excel Spreadsheets – Tips and Tricks

Yield calculation Excel worksheets are useful for a variety of investment return analyses. However, simply calculating a single yield number does not usually provide the whole story. Learn more about how to handle different yield calculations in this article…

Savings Bond Guide – What Is a Savings Bond and Why Should I Get One?

A savings bond is a kind of savings investment for lump sums of cash. If you have excess money to save in the bank and you are looking for a way to invest it then a savings bond may be one of your best options.

Passive Income – 4 Ways to Make Your Money Work For You

It is a dire financial environment for most: making less than you are worth and always having to struggle financially. Many focus on how much money they are making actively. However when watching the habits of the successful, you’ll notice that their access to financial freedom has been in their passive income. Learn 4 ways to create passive income for yourself.

How to Calculate Compound Interest

Compound interest is the process of adding interest to the initial amount of an investment, and from then on earning further interest on this new amount. This is distinct from simple interest, in which the rate is applied once to the initial amount and then multiplied by the term of the investment. The vast majority of investment vehicles offer compound interest.

Never Make This Mistake With Your Dough

There are families all over the world who live week to week. In reality, a lot of them don’t know what they did with their hard earned cash. Most people ask: What did I do with my paycheck? Well, do not ask me, I do not know where my cash went either. Do you just cash your check and spend time in the local mall unrestrained? If so, then YOU are the issue. I bet you’re not factoring all of your expenses. Ever pick up more than fuel at the gas station? Do the kids run to you in the evening just to see what you bought for them after work? Did you leave your billfold with your girlfriend (please tell me you didn’t)? This kind of pattern could be the crux of your trouble.

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