“Intense Race To The Top (BAYC Gets Dethroned!)”

Offshore Banking in Switzerland

Switzerland has been seen for many decades as the leader in offshore tax havens and offshore banking. That reputation has come about because of an investor friendly tax code, and a banking system based on some of the most comprehensive privacy regulations in existence.

Avoid Financial Cons Which Will Damage Future Credit History Far More Than Bankruptcy Ever Could

Con games claim victims every day. Those advertised “get out of debt free and quick” commercials are a new variation of old con games which have been adapted for today’s economy. The only effectively reliable method to recovering from insurmountable debt is to claim bankruptcy AND change one’s spending habits.

Offshore Banking in Luxembourg

Widely regarded as one of, if not THE, most stable and secure offshore haven, Luxembourg is a center for offshore private banking. Pioneering in business practices that are both ethical and profitable, and maintaining a highly structured and regulated financial sector specializing in private banking, an investor looking to go offshore should always take this country and its banks into consideration.

Offshore Banking in Lichtenstein

At only 100 sq. miles, Lichtenstein is a small land-locked country located in Western Europe. It is bordered by Austria to the east and Switzerland on the west, with its capital located in the city of Vaduz.

Get a Free Government Grant For Almost Any Purpose

Not many people realize it but it is possible for the Average Joe to get a free government grant for just about any purpose. There are literally thousands of government grants available and in most cases it is simply a matter of applying for it.

Offshore Banking in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is small in size but big on tax savings. The country of Gibraltar covers just 2.642 sq. miles of land, an area roughly half the size of Rhode Island.

Getting Government Grants For Paying Bills

Charitable foundations and the government are interested in funding projects that are meant to make life better for society as a whole, and are not responsible for helping the average taxpayer pay off his water and electrical bills. There are, however, certain individuals who can get a little extra money from the varying grants out there…

Federal Grants For the Disabled – Helping You Get Through a Tough Time

These federal grants are financial grants given to people who are disabled in one particular way or another. These are not easy to come by, however, as there are strict rules and guidelines attached to the money. Even the most eligible candidates for a grant are subject to intensive scrutiny and accounting of expenses.

The Wonderful World of Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is the newest way to borrow money at low interest rates. This is a complete turn around from traditional bank loans. Millions of people across America are avoiding bank loans carrying high interest rates.

Get Rich and Stay Rich Forever

It is one thing to get rich and another to stay rich forever. This article examines some of the important aspects you need to know that will enable you not only to get rich but also to stay rich forever. They include: prior planning, training, investing wisely, generosity and expanding your business.

Cook Islands Offshore Banking

Setting aside the tropical beauty of the Cook Islands, their business atmosphere seems to favor nonresidents who are looking for a tax free haven where they can invest their money. The Cook Islands have become synonymous with high profile offshore banking transactions and offshore incorporation. With no taxes being levied on capital gains and incomes, and the lack of an inheritance tax, these islands would seem like the perfect place for moving money offshore.

The Meaning of Wealth to the Numismatist

In order to understand what wealth can mean to a numismatist, it’s a good idea to start by defining numismatics for those of us who have not come across this term before. The definition of numismatics is the study or collection of coins, money and often medals. Therefore, a numismatist is the person who studies or collects coins, money or medals.

The Junk Debt Business is a Highly Sordid One

The whole business of buying junk debts has a grubby feel to it, because the people that buy the debts, do so knowing that in order to make big money from their purchases, that they’ll have to hound people whose lives have already become wretched. Debts are sold at auctions for often as little as five cents on the dollar, because the debts would be almost impossible to collect, in ways that are open to high profile lenders.

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