Monaco Might Lose Its Status of Personal Income Tax Haven

Monaco has taken measures regarding its finacial policy to comply with the European directions. This will probably result in loss of the Principality’s fame of personal income tax haven.

Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success – Part #3

I have received incredible feedback on the financial quotes series so I am providing another ten GEMS for you to ponder and evaluate. Sometimes a great book has had a profound impact in my life and made me change my ways. Occasionally a great quote has also had the same effect. Enjoy!

Wit and Wisdom on Money, Wall Street and Success – Part #5

The key to successful investing just like life itself it to have a thorough understanding of RISK and REWARD. The Amateurs think this means UP is Good and DOWN is BAD. People have very strange ideas about Success and Money. Focus your attention on Understanding RISK and it will all become clear.

Merchant Accounts – How to Save Money

Find out how switching merchant account providers could save you over $100 per month just in transaction fees alone.

Local Real Estate Agents May Provide More Relevant Homes For Sale Data Than National Sites

While national real estate sites such as Realtor may have the advantage in numbers of listings, local agents often have the advantage in relevancy.

Don’t Wait For The Perfect Situation To Pay Down Your Debt

Too many people procrastinate paying off their debt. Don’t wait to pay off your debt until some specific or arbitrary event takes place. Do it now.

Who Are You? – Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

Theft of identity is happening at an alarming rate. Over 100,000 identity theft complaints are filed each year.

Brainstorming Your Way To Riches!

A great deal has been written about the group thinking concept. Members all participate in solving problems, coming up with new ideas or dreaming up new products.

What Will You Take For A Dollar?

Breaking Down the Barriers to Online Giving

Once you’ve spent the time and effort putting together a savvy strategy for soliciting online donations, how can you be sure you are providing soon-to-be-online-donors with a stress-free, barrier-free donation experience? Here are a few things to consider before you “go live” with your solicitation.

The Best Time To Starty Your Own Business

When is the best time to start a business? You may be surprised at the answer when you read this to-the-point informative article.

What Is Cash Flow?

Cash flow simply means the money that comes into and leaves a business or household. Money flows into a business in the form of revenues and out through the form of expenses. Money flows into a household in many forms. Are you receiving money from a structured settlement or lottery? Those are incoming cash flows. Do you owe money to anyone? Those are outgoing cash flows.

Medical Receivables Financing

What is medical receivable financing? Medical receivable funding is a means by which health care providers (Hospitals, Doctors, Outpatient Facilities, Physical Therapists, Dialysis Facilities, MRI Centers, Durable Equipment Suppliers, Rehab Centers, Medical Labs, & Substance Abuse Clinics) receive immediate cash for their billings to third party payers (i.e. commercial insurance companies, HMOs, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare and Medicaid).

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