Senior Housing 101

Housing needs has always been of prime importance for entire life span of every individual. This major necessity in life intensifies as one approach the retirement stage. Houses

Fund Raising Basics

All undertakings require funds. When the funds required are of larger magnitude or for a long term activity, one may take help of the bank. For example, banks finance companies provide housing and educational loans.

What’s the Rave About RONA?

RONA stands for Return On Net Assets. This equals the Net Operating Profit after tax divided by the sum of cash and working capital requirements plus fixed assets. The higher the return, the better the profit performance for the company.

Financial Woe Is Me

Need to reduce your debt? Perhaps you’ve been spending more than you make and you find yourself in a serious financial situation. Let me share with you some of the ways you may be able to achieve some financial stability.

10 Easy Ways To Organize Your Business Finances

Follow these 10 easy steps to reduce the stress of business money matters.

Financial Planning: What’s Your Designation?

If you’re shopping for financial planning services, it may seem like a jungle out there. There are advertisements …….

What Financial Services Do Credit Unions Offer?

If you’re looking for financial services, you may want to consider checking out what your credit union ……

What I Learned About Money from Million Dollar Baby

In Clint Eastwood’s award-winning movie, Million Dollar Baby, we see a positive, respectable, hard-working young woman physically destroyed when her dirty-dealing opponent lands a sucker punch after the bell. It occurs to me that the same thing can happen with investments. The admirable fighter inside you tries to make your financial dreams come true. That’s the inner voice that tells you to work hard and invest smart. Your opponent is the part of you ruled by your emotions. Those emotions look for every opportunity to land a sucker punch and bring you down.

Hurricane Recovery: Financial Institutions Step It Up

We have all heard the stories of financial institutions exploiting consumers with shady practices such as exorbitant interest rates, hidden fees, and the like. These accounts anger us and, rightfully, those that practice these deeds should be exposed. Fortunately, not all reports are bad as evidenced in the way many companies are treating their customers in light of recent disasters such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Let’s take a look at how some companies are responding in the wake of disaster.

Factoring: Cash Flow Solution For the 21st Century

Without cash flow, your wholesale business is dead in the water. Without cash flow, you’re an “also ran.” For heaven’s sake, why aren’t you factoring those invoices?

Tips for Financial Planning

Financial planning, something we all know we need to do, but always put off to the future. Financial planning is hard simply because it requires financial discipline, which is difficult to have in this consumer society. However, financial planning is very important because you want to retire one day, be financially stable in the event of an accident, or unexpected loss of a job. Financial planning will help you rest easy as you age.

Financial Nightmare? Wake Up and Try Factoring!

Losing sleep over your cash flow? Exhausted from wrestling with slow paying customers? Learn the great benefits of factoring.

Investing Online – Convenience Made Possible

Whether you’re a pro at investing or just thinking that maybe it’s time to get started, you’ll be happy to know that you now have more options available than ever.

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