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Personal Finance for Young Professionals: Why Your Effective Tax Rate Is Higher Than Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s federal income tax rate has come under a lot of critique with the showdown for the republican primaries heating up. He created claims that demonstrated his real tax rate was somewhere around 15%. This number has come under assault from the White House and experts alike, pointing out that Romney, whose forecasted net worth is over $250 million, is out of touch with the issues and regular life of the general American.

Choices in Finance Education

The finance industry offers a plethora of options to students wanting to join the finance profession. Today’s finance profession is not limited to just the accounting jobs. With the right kind of finance education, a finance student can find himself suitable for a variety of finance roles. Most finance careers require you to be good with numbers and have knowledge of basic business statistics. Let’s take a look at some of the lucrative financial education options.

Financing a New Car Doesn’t Have to Feel Like a Catch-22

The 21st century has brought tremendous improvements in the fuel efficiency of gasoline-powered cars, but fuel prices are still leaving a collective knot in the stomachs of already financially-stressed Americans. The “haves” have no problem forking over the cash for new, higher MPG or hybrid gasoline-electric cars. But those who have not-as-much (and the irony here is not lost) may be trapped in less fuel-efficient, older cars for the very reason they need to save — they just don’t have the cash flow for a new car.

Why More Than 90% Of Forex Traders Lose Money

There are lots of Forex traders out there. However, over 90% of them never become profitable with foreign exchange. In reality, making money with Forex is not as difficult as many investors make it.

The Best Budgeting Software Is Also Free!

Have you gotten word of Mint is a personal finance product that connects all of your financial profiles to one site and helps you keep track of your money.

Retirement Preparations For A Content Retirement

As a person draws nearer to the time of retirement, confirming that one has the required capital to do so and properly segregating and structuring those asset dollars is vitally important. If a person has been disciplined and focused for several years, he or she has accumulated enough investment assets to generate the required income supplement to accommodate their retirement lifestyle.

Getting a Credit Card With a Poor Credit Rating

Many folk have managed to get a bad credit history. Despite this credit cards and loans are available.

Picking The Best Forex Robots

One of the problems that traders encounter is making mistakes too often by rushing through decisions. A way to eliminate human error while trading on the Forex Market is to use Forex robots.

Need an Organizer for Bills? Find One With A Financial Checklist

In a world where people are constantly on the go, there’s not much time to sit down and determine the best organizer for bills. The problem is that without a bill organizer, life is harder. And for the crazed stay-at-home parent, the overly ambitious student and the always-traveling high-level executive, life can’t get harder. It needs to get easier.

Finding The Right Financial Services Before Buying A Property

When it comes to buying property, then for the majority of us we will have to take out a mortgage. Yet these days it can be bewildering as to where to start with such a large range of products available, particularly for the first time home buyer. For most people it is the largest purchase they will have made in their lives so far.

Property Refinance And How To Get Cash Out From Your House

When people think about a home, they don’t realize that it is more than just a home. If you are carrying a mortgage, you have more financial opportunities than you are probably aware of. With rentals, you are basically paying for someone else’s mortgage every month, building equity for them instead of yourself.

Secure Your Future Through Fixed Annuity Scheme

Read this article to know about the various lifetime annuity schemes that will ensure your future financial life. Through this article, you will know about the fixed annuity scheme for ensuring a steady amount of money for the rest of your retired life.

Precedent Transaction Valuation Analysis

Another way to value a company is the precedent transactions method. Using this method, you compile information on comparable transactions that have occurred and compare them to the transaction you are working on. For example, if I were working on a deal with American Express acquiring Open Table, I would review other American Express acquisitions and other acquisitions of the same variety. The criteria used to compare these transactions are relatively similar to that of the comparable companies method. Like the comparable companies method, it is an advantage that the precedent transactions method uses public information

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