Q4 Market Commentary on European ETFs

European ETFs ended a challenging 2011 with total assets of USD 259.88 bn and net new assets of USD 18.23 bn. Positive inflows in the first seven months of the year began to reverse in August.

Fixed Mortgage Rates Dipping Again

Interest rates are falling to all time records. With the terrible consequences of the global economic. For home owners, if they are not in dire straits of course, this is good news.

Why Bother With an Investment Portfolio Specialist?

In today’s volatile investment markets, many clients have concerns about how market uncertainty may affect the values of their investment portfolios. If you’re interested in financial security, then there is a lot of help available if you know who to approach.

Make Your Financial Life Worry Free With The Right Bill Reminder Service

With the right bill reminder service, consumers can say goodbye to late fees and say hello to a new way to organize their financial life, worry free. Most consumers have given up on maintaining a concrete method to organize their finances and stay on top of bills and important due dates. Using the right bill reminder service can actually reduce, and even eliminate, that unnecessary stress.

Will an “iTunes” Type of Web Site for Ebilling Ever Come Into Being?

When the iPod came into being in late 2001, quickly followed by the iTunes web site, it transformed the way that people all over the world listen to music and changed the commercial landscape in the music industry completely. If we compare songs to bills (and draw other comparisons between music and billing that are relevant) is an iTunes type of web site just around the corner? This article suggests that it is.

Inverse ETF Investments and How to Utilize Them in Today’s Market

While many people are familiar with buying and selling stocks on the stock market, there are a few less-common approaches to investing that have great potential for making profit. One such investment is the inverse exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

US Housing Market Shocks in 2012

Despite a waning job market and other difficult economic factors the US housing market appears to be doing better than in recent weeks. People are once again taking the plunge and have decided to purchase a home in an effort to make a sound investment. While the housing market still scares many people, the value of homes is no longer inflated and people can once again purchase property without worrying about their mortgage turning upside down.

The Power of Multi-Model Forecast in Stock Market

A multi-model forecast provides a significant improvement over the best individual forecast. It can be explained by existence of many different independent factors contributing to the error in each forecast distributed around actual value.

How to Find the Right Financial Planner – For You

Finding the right financial planner (financial adviser) just for you can be difficult. This is a handy, yet detailed guide to help you get the right advice.

No Credit Check Payment Option – A Win-Win Solution To Consumer Financing Barriers

Many organizations of various size and scope, throughout the retail and service industries, have struggled for years trying to figure out new ways to attract buyers of their goods and services. It doesn’t help that credit issuing banks and credit card companies seem more bent on disqualifying potential buyers than accommodating them.

Goodyear Credit Cards – Are They Real?

Easily one of the most well known and reputed automotive services company in the United States, Goodyear has been making automotive equipment and tires for over one hundred years now. Founded in 1898, Goodyear specializes in manufacturing tires for cars, trucks, as well as industrial and farming equipment alike. They are also the sole tire supplier for the NASCAR series in the United States.

Mervyns Business Credit Cards – Are They Useful?

Mervyns was a middle scale department store based in Hayward, California, that was founded in San Lorenzo, California on July 29, 1949. Mervyns had run into financial trouble by the end of 2006 and had begun closing down stores. It went from 189 stores in 2006, to 177 in early 2007.

Online Accounting Software: Simplifying Your Business Accounts and Bookkeeping

Efficiency is a key component to building a successful business, and embracing new technology can help streamline processes and free up your time so that you can put your mind to the product or service that your company specialises in. If you’re setting up a new company you may already be considering engaging the services of a chartered accountant to help you keep books and sort your accounts.

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