How The Government Picks Winners and Losers (Accredited Investor Laws SCAM)

What is Structured Finance? And What Are CDOs? – Why Should I Care?

Structured finance is an innovation of the finance industry on Wall Street. It is a method of redistributing risk based on complex legal and corporate entities such as corporations, limited liability companies or some other kind of legal entity capable of entering into contracts. The shares or other interests in structured financial entities are derivatives that obtain their value from an underlying asset.

Are You Saying to Yourself “I Need Money Now”?

Many of us are becoming desperate for money as the world around us seems dismal and perceptively it’s becoming more and more expensive. With less and less money earning potential in the form of opportunities, everything seems to become expensive. The fact is that people are more than willing to work hard but the opportunity to make money with this work is simply not there for many. If your saying “I need money now” over and over again either out loud or in your head, then take heed to the rest of this article.

What’s the Answer When You Realize “I Need Money Fast”?

Are you always mumbling the phrase “I need money fast!? These days if your “feeling” the economy decline, then your in the wrong business. If your not making enough money to look at the declining economy as simply a phenomenon that lowers the price of gas and goods, services, and gives you the opportunity to make more money helping others, then your working in the wrong place.

Desperate For Money? You’re Not Alone

When you find yourself in a desperate position you may be asking yourself how your going to get out of this one. With the small shrapnel of ambition left in you, you decide that you’ve had enough of just getting by, pay check to pay check and need some sort of security, or maybe your past that and are in a position of needing money fast, possibly to pay the electric bill before they cut it off and all the food you were able to buy goes bad putting you in a really bad spot. If your in this spot and resonate to what I’m saying, you should know that you are by no means alone in your pain.

World Equity Markets Took Two Steps Forward & Two Steps Back

It was a case of two steps forward and two steps back last week for world equity markets. Global equities were served a reminder of just how difficult bear markets can be. Traders are quick to grab whatever short term profits they have made, making it difficult for rallies to build momentum.

Do You Want the Good News Or the Bad News First?

The good news, if we can call it that is that most financial crises end within two years and according to the NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) the present recession began in December 2007 which means that we should start coming out of the present one in December 2009 or thereabouts. The not so good news however is that many Wall Street pundits claim that the real recession only started in September 2008 which would mean that we still have a long way to go!

Risk Management & Agricultural Hedging

Farmers and agricultural producers experience a number of financial and production risks on a regular basis; for instance, everything from weather conditions to rising global trade can affect their bottom line. It only goes to follow that working with a risk management and agricultural hedging firm can help mitigate these risks, particularly one where the professionals have a background in farming and agriculture themselves. After all, the ability to recognize the obstacles and issues that a produces faces leads to a better understanding of the market as a whole, so choosing an agricultural hedging firm where …

Does Your Business Need Money?

If you’re looking for investors to fund your growth you need to ensure openness and constructive dialogue. The true test of these relationships is not when all goes well, but when things end up going south. Protect yourself with these strategies.

Funding a Bad Bank Would Mean Swapping Cash For Trash!

Stiglitz, who is a professor at Columbia University in New York and a former adviser to President Bill Clinton had said that any decision by President Barack Obama to establish a so-called ‘bad bank’ to help rid financial companies of toxic assets risked increasing the national debt and added that the intended plan would leave taxpayers paying for years of excess lending by banks and would also deprive the government of money that could be better spent by propping up Social Security. “That amounts to swapping taxpayers’ cash for trash and you shouldn’t chase good money after bad. We’re talking about a national debt that’s very hard to manage”, he said.

The Coming Collapse of the United States Dollar

As hard as it may be to believe the collapse of the US Dollar is coming. The USD is fiat currency meaning that it is no longer backed up by an underlying asset. The Full faith and credit of the US government is going to have a hard time paying those debts with more bad checks.

Financial Advisors Can Cut Costs and Educate Their Way to Success Using Financial Literacy Seminars

My insurance career started in a regional office of a large life insurance company. I was one of 30 or so agents recruited to sell life insurance and annuities. To say that we were a little inexperienced would have been an understatement. Most of us had just passed the state insurance exam, and most of us knew next to nothing about marketing or sales.

Canadian Government Grants

The residents of Canada can get the benefit of grants from the governments so that no dreams remain unfulfilled. Every year the Canadian government keeps many dollars as funds for providing financial assistance to the students, business set up or development of the society. But there are also many scams involved in the process of grants that use personal information for individual gains and such scams are to be avoided.

Important Need to Know Information Before You Fill Out Any Application For Free Grant Money

Do you want to apply for free grant money? If you do then there are some things that you need to decide on and research before you will be able to fill out any application for free grant money. Find out what these things are now so you can get started applying today.

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