How Terra Luna Changed EVERYTHING in Crypto (#1 Takeaway)

Lebanon News and Great Opportunities

Opportunities come your way via several routes. It could be a tip from a friend, something said in discussions, a look at the shops around you, or something you stumbled on online. Newspapers are also prolific sources of business ideas. But if your interest is investing overseas, specifically in the Middle East, find that chance in the daily Lebanon news.

Currency Exchange Abroad Using An ATM Card

If you are traveling outside your country where your currency is not accepted, then you can get the best exchange rates if you use your credit card, debit card or your ATM card. They offer you the best deals with regard to currency exchange.

Callable-CDs – Pros And Cons

A callable-CD is the one where the bank or other financial institution issuing the certificate of deposit (CD) has the option of recalling the CD well before the maturity date. This type of investment can yield good returns if the portfolio is managed properly.

Different Types Of Bonds

Before investing in the bond market, one needs to know the different kinds of bond investments. Depending on the issuers, there are a variety of bonds available for investment. Each one of them has its own sets of risks and rewards.

Purchasing Power Parity And Interest Rate Parity

The currency transactions result in a balance of trade in goods and services (current account) or a balance of financial asset flows (capital account). The exchange value of a currency must be such that there is enough balance in both the accounts to sustain future transactions. This is where purchasing power parity comes into play.

Brits Face ‘Particular Pressure’ On Spending

Britons are under more intense financial pressures, a new study has shown. The latest Financial Reality report by the Alliance Trust Research Centre revealed that the country’s economic wellbeing fell by ten percentage points between the third and fourth quarters of 2007. In the three-month period between July and September the index stood at 88.

Government Grants For Students

With much talk about reintroducing student grants in the UK, this article discusses the pros and cons of such an action. What does it mean for the taxpayer? What does it mean for the student? Have your say…

Mortgage Refinance – Rebuilding Your Personal Financial Health

A mortgage refinance is an inevitable option when there are exigencies that require additional cash inflow. One is rebuilding your finances from the cash-out equity you can obtain from the value of your home. This strategy helps you make good use of your refinance while giving you the optimum benefit of rebuilding your financial situation.

Negotiating Your Way to An Affordable Mortgage

Negotiations are parts of the process. Even if you are not the bargaining kind, get ready for it.

What You Need to Know About Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixing the rates will be great in an environment of increasing interest rates. But the reverse it true too.

Mortgages Offer the Ability to Own Value

Everyone has them. But few understand them completely.

Indian Bank Accounts For an NRI

Here is some basic information of the various accounts that an NRI can hold in India. They serve different purposes..

Balance Shifting Can Cause Problems With Credit

Adverse loans are loans in which the borrower has fallen behind on payment. As soon as loan payments are behind schedule, those loans are considered adverse loans. Adverse loans can be very detrimental to your credit rating, which could, in turn, affect you in any future attempts to receive a loan for other purposes.

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