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Feng Shui Money Tips

Do you know where your financial “power spots” are? Here’s how to identify your wealth areas plus some quick and easy ways to apply feng shui to these spaces…

7 Money Rules You Should Break

Everyone has seen the in-store sign “You Break It, You Bought It”. Would it matter to you if that sign was a threat with no teeth? Read and learn about 7 commonly accepted rules about your money that you should know are just not true.

Paying the Bills Truly CAN Be Painless

I LOVE all the freedom I have to order my day for work and play, so I LOVE Spending Money! on secretarial and bookkeeping services.

How Does Bankruptcy Work?

What happens when you file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Bill

How will the new Bankruptcy Bill effect me?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Benefits

When should an older American start collecting Social Security retirement benefits? The question seems easy, but the answer is complicated.

Banking For Small Businesses

A look at the issues facing small businesses when setting up their finances.

Checks In The Mail…………Or So You Thought

This article will discuss the crime of mail theft and will show readers how to avoid becoming a victim of this crime.

Setting Your Financial Priorities

Whether you know it or not, you are always setting your financial priorities. Some may decide that a new stereo system is more inportant than this month’s electric bill. This may be a little off the wall but it is still setting your priorities.

How To Save Money On Groceries

Unlike a fixed monthly cost such as your mortgage or car payment, the amount you spend on groceries each month is somewhat flexible. While the common advice of clipping coupons and buying generic bra…

The 5 Secrets You Must Uncover to Pay Off Your Mortgage in the Shortest Possible Time

Learn how to pay off your mortgage early.

Check Cashing Industry, “The Future Is Now”

In our industry, the question that is constantly being asked is β€œWhat is the future for this business?” It’s a question that rarely gets a definitive answer. I have come to appreciate the unlimited potential that it has. I have also realized that there are some stumbling blocks that must be overcome if this potential is to be realized.

Treat Money Well To Attract More

Perhaps you’re thinking, “I could treat money well if I had a lot of money.” The truth is, you have to treat money well in order to have an abundance of it.

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