Grave Concerns Over Bitcoin 401k (Coinbase Insider Trading)

Ensure to Start Prepared For Business With Start-Up Capital Estimate

You want to start a business? If you do, you have to be prepared for all the expenses necessary to set up and operate your business in the first six months. You have to know how much you will need as a Start-Up Capital.

Appeal Court Rules That The Office of Fair Trading Does Have The Power to Investigate Bank Charges

The appeal by eight banks against the decision of the High Court regarding whether or not the OFT have the authority to deal with the fairness of bank charges has been thrown out. The judges also told the banks that they could not take the case to the Lords for a further appeal but it is almost certain they will ignore this and ask the House of Lords for permission to make a further appeal against this decision.

Free Government Money – Is Government Money For Free True Or Just a Scam? – Honest Review

The US economy is facing a major crisis since the past few years and the direct impact is felt on a common man’s life. The Federal Government has announced free grants for day to day purposes in order to make the living normal. The money coming in so easily – this almost seems like a scam. But it is for real! It is not a scam.

The Truth About Government Grant Kits

Anyone looking for financial assistance these days has undoubtedly come across many Free Government Grant Kit offers. So what exactly are these offers and can they actually help you get free government grant money? In this article, my goal is to shed some light on grant kits and the companies behind them.

How to Apply Successfully to Government Grants

Free government grants can give you the money you need. Getting grant money isn’t as hard as it looks. Thousands of dollars in grant money goes unclaimed every single year because people think the p…

Income Protection and Mortgage Protection – What’s it All About?

Copyright (c) 2009 Mark Walpole Income protection and mortgage protection are essential if you work for yourself or if you’re not entitled to much sick pay from your employer. Here’s what you need to know about income protection and mortgage protection. Income protection Income protection will help look after you and your family if you become ill, can’t work and can’t provide for your family.

Tips on Receiving Free Grant Money

Grant money is often the key to making dreams come true. Grant money is available to help people reach their goals for personal and professional success. There are thousands of grants issued by the …

Best Bank CD Rates

In these tough times, there is more than meets the eye the question. The fact is the best Bank CD Rate may be with a bank that is in sad shape. And what good would the top rate do, if the bank failed the week after you opened up a CD?

In Debt? Why Free Gov Grants Are the Answer

If you are drowning in personal debt, government grant money might be the solution you need. Many American people owe thousands of dollars in credit card debt that they cannot repay. The government …

Mortgage Overpayments Should You Make Them?

I recently received a letter from one of our Buy-to-Let (BTL) mortgage lenders. No names here, but their parent company was recently nationalised. In it, they were encouraging us to use the opportunity of reducing mortgage interest payments to make overpayments on our mortgage account to reduce the size of our mortgage debt. There was a nice glossy leaflet extolling the virtues of doing so. Please be in no doubt, their interest in encouraging you and I to do this is entirely for their own commercial benefit. After all, if you as a borrower are paying mortgage interest at say 2.75%, I can’t imagine why the lender should want to encourage you and other borrowers to make overpayments.

Red Clause Letter of Credit

The purpose of red clause in a documentary credit is to enable the beneficiary to obtain pre-shipment advances from the advising or confirming bank, at the expense of the beneficiary, but under the responsibility of the issuing bank. This red clause is so termed because it is usually printed in red on the credit to draw attention to this special feature of the credit terms. Red clause has been used traditionally, in certain countries where goods, such as wool, cotton, meat, rubber etc, need to be purchased by a beneficiary who requires advances in order to pay …

How to Evaluate Your Consumption

How to Evaluate Your Consumption helps readers look at ways they are spending money that they’re not even consciously enjoying. If you don’t even notice you bought it, maybe you didn’t need it in the first place. We need to keep buying the things we appreciate as long as we have the money to do so. But spending money without having it make a difference is a waste no matter what the economy is doing.

Why This Recession Could Be the Perfect Storm For You

Whilst all around is doom and gloom, we need to focus on the opportunity or the silver lining in this recession. Why this is the best time in history for you to make your move.

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