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How to Find Money You Already Have in a Financial Pinch – Creative Money Making – Part 1

It’s funny how important money is in our life. If you think about it, it is an intangible thing, it is simply an exchange of goods and services. For example, you work (services) for money to buy food (goods), pedicures (services), gas (goods), a home (goods), a car wash (services), and etc. I know I have come across times when I am in a pinch, and I need money fast. Here is a list of some creative ways I have made money.

How to Save on Car Fuel by Cutting Operating Costs

The annual operating costs of a car include fuel costs, tyres, replacement of parts, general maintenance and servicing costs, motor insurance and depreciation. Of these, fuel costs are the ones that are currently hurting car users the most because oil prices are at historical highs and are expected to stay around these levels. Now is the time for car owners to evaluate commuting habits and accordingly alter ones behaviour to offset the rising fuel costs.

Do You Suffer From Underearning?

This topic can occupy months of focus and discussion and is covered in depth in our Fresh Financial Program. First, a confession: Underearning is one of the reasons I was led to do this work. After 10 years (10 years!!!) of earning the SAME salary (and that was in more than 2 jobs) I thought, “Why does this keep happening?!! Why can’t I break my salary barrier?” After growing tired of all the excuses I had invented (“He got a head start”, “She has more connections”, “She’s thinner” etc. etc), I was driven to seek the help of a financial counselor. Fast forward…Now I am giving workshops and teleseminars about this insidious problem that many people suffer from. Because it is pretty silent in its ways, it really needs to be looked at with a magnifying glass and talked about with a megaphone in hand!

Money – Are You One Foot Out the Door?

You may find yourself one foot out the door because your difficulty with money has affected your relationship to the point that it is coming between you and your mate in every conversation you have. You may feel hopeless that each day the different companies are constantly calling for their money and it is affecting your family life and it is difficult to have a good night sleep.

Current Bank Account – A Need For Many People

There are many banks in India where a common Indian can hope to keep his money safe and accessible. However he would like to have the choice of opening the best bank current account and therefore he has to gain a deeper insight into the banking services of India.

It’s The Derivatives, Stupid! Why Fannie, Freddie And AIG All Had To Be Bailed Out

Why the extraordinary bailouts of Fannie, Freddie and AIG? The answer has less to do with the insurance business, housing, or foreign investors than with the greatest Ponzi scheme in history, one that is holding up the private global banking system. What had to be prevented at all costs was an “event of default” that could have collapsed a quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble, taking the global banking system down with it.

Working Capital Line of Credit

Due to some factors caused by the volatile markets and economy such as fluctuation in prices, small businesses and even the large ones would definitely go through issues involving disruptions in the planned budget. At some time or another, funds may be required to answer to emergency or unforeseen expenses. And this is where a working capital line of credit comes in to become a very convenient tool.

Working Capital Advances

Working capital advances are funding tools designed to aid and support small businesses in their quest to keep the cash flowing in and eventually maintain a successful standing even in the most volatile conditions of the markets and economy. In the life of any business, from giant enterprises to modest home businesses, there would always be unforeseen costs and emergency expenses that will need ample funds to keep its cyclical operations running smoothly.

Saving For College 529 Programs Can Aid Your Future Education Pursuits

For millions of families, paying for higher education is a huge challenge that consumes much of the early life span of an adolescent. From cradle to college, parents are concerned about financing their childโ€™s future education. While the question of how youโ€™ll pay for college is sometimes vexing, there is an avenue that more and more people have taken in order to secure their young onesโ€™ futures: 529 college plans.

Capital For Merchants

Nowadays, acquiring capital for merchants to start and keep a small business thriving is not hard as it was decades back. Money is an important element which is considered by most as the lifeblood of a business keeping it alive and profitable in the longest time possible. Capital for merchants has become more accessible with the many budding companies and traditional financial institutions that are now offering to fund capital for merchants.

Carbon Credits – A New Asset Class

Carbon trading has one of the most talked about topic these days. This reflects the rising awareness among all the stakeholders about it. Carbon trading is just a mechanism by which overall carbon level In the atmosphere can be reduced by incentivizing the players taking part in the trading. The EU ETS is the one followed the most today and has been implemented in phases. But in order for the carbon trading market to have substantial impact on the environment we have to ensure two things. First being increasing the liquidity in the trading market and second one is to increase the efficiency of emission trading. Both of them require Heavy governmental support apart from the general corporate acceptance. Also compatibility among the different markets in the world should be there as far as trading part is concerned. Apart from this, new sectors should also be explored where the potential to reduce emission is there. Two of those would be forestry and aviation sector which are major contributors of CO2 in the world.

Strategies For Private Equity Firms to Create Value in India

The Indian PE Scene has hit the big leagues with impressive investments over the recent past. Growing fund sizes, presence of all the PE Biggies and increased deal values all augur favorably for the Indian economy. However today the challenge is no longer raising these PE funds, but how value can be extracted from these portfolio investments to propel Indian Companies to further heights and provide the PE funds the return they expect. Over the course of this paper we examine the various modes by which the above task can be accomplished. To go about the same we researched extensively the PE scene in India over the past few years and analyzed some of the most important deals to examine where had the value been created and what aspects of the tie-up contributed most towards providing synergies. We also tried to establish how value is created by PE firms in mature markets like the US and UK where PE firms have evolved over the years

What’s the Difference Between Permanent and Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a type of permanent insurance, and both of these have terms lasting until the end of the insured’s life, as opposed to term life insurance, which, as the name suggests, only covers the life of the insured for a specified term. Put simply, permanent life insurance always pays out to the beneficiary, because the end of its term is the death of the insured; term life insurance only pays out if the insured dies during the allotted time period. The former is substantially-sometimes tenfold-more expensive than the latter, but term life insurance renewal is often costly, …

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