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Discover Why and How to Set Up a Business Merchant Account

What is a Business Merchant Account? A business merchant account is a facility whereby an acquiring bank grants a line of credit to a Merchant (a business) who wishes to accept payment card transactions. Without such a facility a Merchant cannot directly accept payments by credit card.

Confessions of an Investment Banker’s Mind

According to Wikipedia, “an Investment Bank is a financial institution that deals with raising capital, trading in securities and managing corporate mergers and acquisitions.” A literal translation of that would mean, “An institution that ROLLS in money.” Literally.

Home Improvement Grants For Everyone in Need

If you are an American taxpaying property owner, you may be eligible to qualify for a generous grant award, or maybe several, to repair or improve your home or property. You may be able to achieve a few thousand dollars to remodel, repair, or redecorate your single family home, a few hundred thousand if you are a landlord in need of essential repairs to insure the safety of your tenants, or anything in between.

How Do Annuities Work? Rate of Returns and How to Derive Their Meaning

Many people have a lot of trouble making sense of how to calculate the rates that they will receive. The main reason for this is the fact that not everyone can make calculations or can understand what is happening in the market and therefore, they do not know how to do permutations, combination or numerical calculations that are important when you are calculating rates. Therefore, a greater sense of awareness must be built before you understand the mechanics of the market and you should first start with the calculations aspect.

Government Grants For Single Mothers – Get the National Pell Grant and Receive Financial Help

Finding information about single parent grants can be a real challenge. The number of single parents is clearly increasing, thus the need for assistance, specifically in raising a children is greatly needed. The government realized that this is an important issue and is giving away money to support single moms.

Are You Protected If Devaluation Occurs?

A number of years ago Mexico devalued the peso, causing turmoil throughout the Mexican and worldwide economy. What if the United States government decides to devalue the dollar? If you are the holder of promissory notes, what will be the effect on your portfolio? Disastrous, in all probability. You can protect yourself from such an occurrence.

China’s Stealth Abandonment of the Dollar Has Begun (Part Two)

It should be emphasized, again, that China is thinking longer term here. In the West we are more used to short-term thinking on the part of our leaders. This is, in part, due to a flaw in the system of representative democracy. Politicians are always thinking of the next election – never more than a few years away – and hardly if ever beyond that. This leads to a constant stream of easy promises, a tendency to put off hard choices, and an almost stubborn refusal to think clearly and soberly about the future.

The Bear Market and Real Unemployment

This is the coldest, most powerful, most sinister bear market ever. It wants to kill us all- even those of us who embrace it by buying gold. The bear is in charge, but he disguises himself as a bull. Right at the time when even I start to doubt he’s a bear, he’ll take off his mask and go for the final kill. The aim is to take the most people down.

Get the Secret Offshore Account You Always Wanted

Banking privacy is over – at least that’s what the headlines say. The criminals who move money around at will, big fat cats with wealth concealed in ultra-secret harbours like Monaco, and shady characters laundering narco-cash through offshore casinos are living on borrowed time.

What Can You Do With Free Government Money?

There are not many American taxpaying citizens who are over eighteen that do not qualify. If you are crafty enough to find one, two, three or even four or more of the free government grants that are available to you, you could be raking in the dough in as little as a few weeks.

Facts You Should Know About Weekly Payment Stores

Homeowners who would want to purchase items for their homes, yet do not have enough money to make a big purchase at the moment, can opt to buy at weekly payment stores. This discusses the important things you need to know about this weekly payment purchases.

Offshore Banking – Why?

The term “offshore banking” simply means “using the banking services of banks in foreign countries”. Nothing more. For people whose nation is an island, “offshore” is synonymous to “foreign” – and that’s the origin of the word.

Free Government Grants Basics

Nowadays economy is very weak, most of the population is trying to get there hands on personal free government grants in order to get government help for various purposes. I believe that most of you’ve seen the TV commercials describing how to get free money from the government through government grants.

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