What Is a Grant?

Grants are not benefits or entitlements. A federal grant is an award of financial assistance from a federal agency to a recipient to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by a law of the United States. Grants are not federal assistance or loans to individuals.

Acquiring An Adverse Credit Mortgage

Not everyone has a perfect credit score. This could be due to a number of factors. Why should these people be punished for a bad number that is supposed to represent them? Many lenders are asking the same question and believe that they can help. Having a bad credit score used to mean you were unable to buy a new home, but some lenders are now changing that.

Equity or Debt – Which is Cheaper?

An overwhelming majority of mining juniors are engaged in a continuous struggle to raise equity at the best possible corporate valuations. Given the existing levels of their share prices, are they simply creating dilution for their shareholders? Is debt, or convertible debt, a much more viable longer-term solution in today’s complex investment environment?

NHS Pension Changes April 2008 – What You Need to Know

As you are probably aware, the New NHS Pension Scheme goes live April 1st 2008. This scheme is automatic for new members from that date, and a major change here is that the normal retirement age is 65, not 60. However, the existing scheme also changes in some key areas for those of you who opt to stay as you are.

The Money Merge Account

It’s been a big year for my husband and me. We had our first child and recently closed on our first home, since our town home was feeling a bit snug with our new addition. Given the current state of the housing market, we were very fortunate to be able to make a profit on our town home and receive the financing necessary for our dream home.

Seized Auto Auctions – Find a Quality Auto For 90% Off

Wondered why people can afford to buy high end vehicles like BMW and Mercedes? Seized auto auctions could be where they have bought their flashy cars. Every driver hopes to be able to drive a high performance car like the filthy rich. Seized car auctions can offer such deals for you at incredibly low prices, sometimes as low as 90% off.

Credit Check Collection Agency

A credit check collection agency provides a service that can help determine the credit worthiness of you the potential consumer. Credit check collection agencies also provide other services that help collect debts for the creditors that are delinquent.

Government Grants Are Not Free Money

Contrary to what many will have you believe, getting a grant from the United States government is not getting free money to do what you wish with. They are not available to everyone, and most have multiple strings attached. Not following the guidelines of the grant or lying on your application can get you in a lot of legal trouble.

Home Equity Line of Credits – Red Light Signals to Look Out For

Financing is one of the most important money decision you are going to make. If you are in need of additional funds and you are having difficulty finding a source of such funds without suffering through very high interest rates, then it may be time to tap into probably your single greatest asset, your house.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

As a general rule, when setting up a merchant account through an offshore company there are a few facts you should be aware of. When you’re considering a high-risk merchant account, it helps to combine it with an offshore bank account to receive settlements in a confidential tax-free setting.

Personal Finance – How to Reach Your Comfort Zone Rapidly?

Financing is one of the most important money decision you are going to make. Setting short term financial goals and changing the attitude towards handling money are perhaps 2 of the most basic things you need to do if you want to reach your personal financial comfort zone rapidly.

Finance Calculator – Sit Down and Count!

Financing is one of the most important money decision you are going to make. When borrowing money becomes a big necessity, finding a lender that would give you the amount you need is not enough.

Poor Credit Finance Car – How Much is Your Car Really Costing You?

Financing is one of the most important money decision you are going to make. In the past, applications for a car loan with poor credit, bankruptcy, bad credit, slow credit or even no credit would be a hard find.

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