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A Crash Course on Understanding Financial Statements

If you’re in business or learning to value a business it’s important that you learn how to understand financial statements. While they may be confusing to glance at, the information that’s important is easy to find.

Bank Account for Non-US Residents

One thing that banks have shown us is that they are quite alert for any business opportunity that may arise in the market. So, when you consider the United States, should you consider only the American citizens? What about the millions of people that visit the country each year? Are they a potential market?

Government Grants Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Government grants and loans are available for so many different things, it doesn’t pay not to look at the options. Whether a person wants to go back to school or write a book, open a gallery or more, should check into federal loans and grants.

Nothing Beats Online Bill Paying for Speed, Simplicity and Security

Simple, quick and easy, this method of payment is fast becoming the way bills get paid.

Enjoy The Journey – As A Community Fundraiser

As community fundraisers we all want to hit the home run everytime we organize and event or campaign. It’s frustrating when it takes longer than you had envisaged. The problem is that in today’s world we’re all conditioned for instant gratification. There is a simple and effective way to overcome this, that will help not only with your fundraising but with life in general.


If people crave a little lesser for it, we would know lesser pain.

If Time is Money, Then Money is Time, Too!

When people ask me about getting out of debt, they often ask “Doesn’t it take quite a bit more time to be frugal?” Frequently, with a small investment of time saving money, you can save a great deal of time and money that you would have otherwise spent achieving the same goal. Living On A Dime expert Jill Cooper gives several practical examples to get you thinking.

A Gloomy Start for Savers

If you’re not sure you are getting the best deal for your hard earned savings, contact your bank or building society to check your current interest rate and compare this against the best-buy charts in the press.

Banking And Savings – Customer Service And Reputation Forefront In Decision-Making

52% of us have moved our savings because we were unhappy with customer service, according to the latest user polls. 42% of us have avoided a particular account provider due to a friend’s bad experience.

Saving for your Children

Most of us will face expenses in later life such as university, new car, wedding and first home. If you can afford to start saving for your children, a nest egg in later life can be a huge benefit. Saving just £30 a month for 18 years at an interest rate of 4.5% will amount to almost £10,000. Bank and Building Society AccountsMost banks and building societies offer savings accounts specifically designed for children. These savings accounts are open to children of a certain age ranging from birth to 24 years. The interest paid on these savings accounts is often higher than that paid on standard accounts.

Kim Jong-Il’s ‘Superdollar’ Missile

Forget about the threat posed by North Korea’s missile program. One estimate puts the amount North Korea makes from counterfeiting more than US$100 million a year.

Life Insurance 101 Explained

While most of us do not like to think of the subject of our own death, the fact of the matter is that death is a part of life and in order to protect our families we need to give some thought to the subject of life insurance.

Check Printing Companies

A check printing company not only prints but also sells and distributes checks to consumers. Consumers use these checks to withdraw funds held in checking or saving accounts in banks and other financial institutions.

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