EUROPE Warning Of CRYPTO MARKET CRASH!! (China Fights For MOST Powerful Country!)

Healthcare Staffing Funding – How To Improve Your Cash Flow (Part Two Of Three)

Rather than waiting weeks or months to be paid, a healthcare staffing company can receive cash immediately by selling its invoices at a discounted rate to a factor. After deciding which kind of factor would be the best fit for your agency, the next logical question is, “How much does healthcare staffing factoring cost?” Before jumping in blindly and talking numbers, it’s a good idea to have a general understanding of how the factor’s fees are structured.

CCJs Loans Arrears and Bad Debt On The Increase

A look at CCJs and what you can do with them.

Why The Debt Monster Will Gobble You Up

What is it about debt, such a simple thing to understand, that makes it so darned difficult to escape from? What is it about modern man and the world we live in that makes debt a problem that is exploding everywhere we look? I know, and now you can too.

Beacon Credit Score Explained

This article helps with understanding the beacon credit score, sometimes known as the FICO credit score. This FICO score is created by Fair Issac and sometimes referred to as a beacon score.

Discover the 7 Essential Elements that Guarantee your Financial Success

This article talks about 7 ways to ensure your financial success and freedom.

Are You Addicted To Gambling?

To some people, nothing could be more exciting than winning a hand of Texas hold-em on the river. The adrenaline rush, the thrill of victory – all adds up to a great time. Thanks to national television coverage of poker tournaments on nearly every channel, gambling has made its way into the mainstream.

Interest Rates: A Stagnant Pond Or Boiling Milk?

The interest rates set by the US Federal Reserve have a great effect on most aspects of economy, not only in our country but in many other countries as well…

Financing After Bankruptcy Is Feasible

Many doubt whether it is possible to obtain a loan or credit card after going through a bankruptcy process.

How Does Bridging Loan Finance Work

Bridging Loan Finance Explained

Facts About Mortgage Loan Offers And Pre-Approval

Although many of the ‘pre-approval’ letters you get through the post are worthless, there are types of pre-approval from lenders that can help you greatly when buying a house.

What to Consider When Making a Used Car Donation

Making a used car donation can help many people. If someone died or moved and they don’t want their car anymore, donating it is a great way to give back to the community while disposing of the vehicle.

Collection Agencies and Intimidation

In their attempt to recover the debts the some unprofessional collection agencies or collection attorneys may resort to certain unlawful and unwarranted procedures or intimidation tactics. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been structured to protect debtors in such circumstances.

When Should You Get Loan Insurance?

Although it can be expensive and limited, if you think that loan insurance will give you the peace of mind you want and that the policy will cover your circumstances, then take out a policy…

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