Europe Banning Bitcoin??

The Crime of Robbery, Our Children And Financial Literacy: Nation Sows, Nation Reaps

Do we need to ask statistical experts about the towering crime rate in our country to realize that we are struggling with crime as a nation? Isn’t the news already out that crime is one of the major factors decaying our society? The crime of robbery is important especially because this crime is directly related to ill-formed concepts about money and the legitimate ways it is earned.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank: Different From Conventional Banking

A bank that has its foundations laid in the soil of Islam in UAE is the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. On the 20th of May, 1997, this bank was founded as a joint stock company which is Public. This was done through the Amiri Decree No.

Why Customers Love an Instant Payment Option

It may seem almost counter intuitive but while we are trying to win customers and build long-term relationships with them, the vast majority of them (at least at the outset) often want a much more transactional interface with a company from which they are buying a product or a service. In other words, many customers just want to quickly purchase what they are interested in buying and use it. This means that when rendering payment for the product or service, a typical customer wants the process to be relatively straightforward and not consume too much time and energy.

Strategic Asset Allocation and the Principles of Geographic Diversification

Strategic asset allocation is a vital concept that must be understood by anyone trying to create a robust portfolio and a lifetime of wealth. Recognizing market indicators and financial trends around the world can help the investor strategically. Investing in only one sector or in one country is never the correct approach. The risks inherent in investing will be mitigated only through asset diversity.

How to Get Started CFD Trading

CFDs or Contracts for Difference are a trading tool that makes it possible to conduct leveraged online financial transactions.It is in fact an agreement to exchange the difference in value of a specific financial instrument from the time when the trading is opened to the time it is closed. The instruments that you can trade in under CFDs include financial instruments like shares, commodities, options and forex plus much more. This article looks at CFDs and how to get started CFD Trading.

How Will a Retiree’s IRA Value Change While Taking Out the Minimum Each Year?

If you have a traditional (i.e. deductible) individual retirement account (IRA), you may wonder how much you’ll have in it when you die for legacy purposes. You must make minimum required distributions (MRDs), but if you restrict your withdrawals to these minimums, I can give you an idea. I’ll assume that you make it to 70 years of age, you’re the owner of your IRA, and you’ll withdraw your yearly MRD starting at age 70.

Factoring Receivables For Better Cash Flow

In the financial world, factoring receivables refers to a process where a business sells its debts to a third party. The third party pays the business for the value of the invoices, minus a percentage. They then pursue the debtor for the funds. This transaction is made possible because debts are listed as an asset on a company’s balance sheet.

Tips in Purchasing Your Own Property in an Auction

Purchasing any property can be a dream come true for an individual who has been working hard. But still, you can be on a tight budget since you also have other priorities in life. Read on for more details.

Things to Consider When Applying for Government Grants

There are various ways in which you can get access to government grants. One of them is by forming a group and registering with the relevant authorities. From here you will be directed on the procedures you need to follow and all the requirements.

Overview of Government Grants

A government grant is a financial award disbursed by the Government toward the funding of a particular project or for specific resourceful purposes. These grants can be given to education institutions, research institutions, medical institutions, individuals or a group of people with the same interests. Government grants have a great difference from loans.

Where Will You Position Your Money?

Positioning your money in the next 1 to 5 years in the proper investment vehicles is going to be critical if you want to be on the right side of the next great wealth transfer. Never has there been a time in history with such a great opportunity that we have in front of us today. This wealth transfer will be of one of such great magnitude that it will far exceed the wealth transfer during the Great Depression.

Banking on an Angel?

In a recent banking survey most clients responded that bank lending is still their preferred method of finance. However, equity investment now ranks more highly than has historically been the case. If the proposition stacks up and each party is agreeable to its terms, private investment from the likes of a business angel is a useful source of finance particularly for amounts of between 25K-750K but is usually still used in conjunction with bank debt. So what exactly are business angels? When do they get involved? Is this the sort of investing you/ your clients should be looking at?

Banked Vs Unbanked Children: Whose Future Are We Banking On?

Managing money is a skill that does not occur naturally for most of us adults, much less our children. The problem with this reality is that our children represent our future as a nation. Given this, when are we as a nation going to start teaching financial literacy to our children?

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