Do Not Believe What You Hear About US Grants

Never believe the hype that money is being given away for free by the US government. It could not be further from the truth. Believe in the old saying nothing is ever for free.

Determining if You Qualify for a Government Grant

The majority of United States grants are offered to companies or businesses that are non-profit. It is difficult for an individual to obtain a government grant in most cases. A person can, however, form a business or company and obtain help this way.

How Are Finance Charges Calculated?

Whether you are shopping for a new credit card or wondering about the one that you may already have, knowing how to calculate the finance charge applied to that card is important

Applying For A Free Merchant Account (An Overview)

If you want to accept credit cards but you can’t get a merchant account, then a free merchant account is for you. What do you need to know about free merchant accounts? Here are the basics. First off, a merchant account is an account with a bank that allows you to accept credit card payments. This means you can tell your customers to pay either in cash or use that little plastic card in their wallets.

Money Is Fire In The Head

This shaman revealed it. Will you live it?

Money Talks

Some folk talk a lot about money, but money also talks. What does it say? How rich will we be five minutes after we die?

Protecting Yourself from Scams

Sadly there are many government grant scams all over the United States. Literally thousands of people have tried to apply for one of these so-called government grants and then find out the whole thing was a scam.

Take the First Steps in Getting a Grant

A person would think that getting a government grant was very common place in the United States. We are bombarded with infomercials about “Get Free Money” and “Pay your Bills via the Government”. Most of these commercials play on the ignorance of the consumer.

High Volume Merchant Accounts – Avoiding Your Business To Blow Off Into Nonsense Proportions

Your monthly sales are up. The demand of is growing, so you produce more. You’re on top of the world. What’s next? A high volume merchant account. If your business has monthly volumes costs more than $10,000, then your business is considered as high volume.

Find Unclaimed Money – Before It’s Too Late!

Did you know that there is approximately 35 billion dollars of unclaimed money in America just waiting for you to claim it. In just 2 states there is an astounding 4 billion dollars of unclaimed money! This is your money, and you MUST claim it – but how? It isn’t easy, but it can be MADE easy.

Ireland Spread Betting

Ireland Spread Betting information & a comparative analysis of Financial Spread Betting Companies at Clean Financial helps you gain useful insights about services offered by Financial spread betting companies. We also provide in-depth views & analysis of spread betting helping you to maximize your investment returns through spread betting.

Capitalism Anyone?

China’s Economy grows 12% in one quarter, despite government’s attempt to control it. This could be the tipping point for China.

Wall Street Is Back

After the beating that Wall Street took last week, Dow, S&P 500, and others bounce back.

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