Big Data Helps Banks Provide Unique Customer Experiences, Not Just Segmentation

Just finished reading a great article on big data and segmentation from BS&T. While segmentation is great, I’d like to suggest that every customer should be treated as an individual and thus their banking experience should be personalized for that moment in time. By personalizing every interaction, banks can reduce cost of service, differentiate their brand and impact customer experience in a positive way.

How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor

Choosing the right financial advisor can make the difference between a secure financial future and a bleak one. Ask yourself these questions before selecting a professional to manage your money.

My Old Notes on Trading

Trading notes from the old days. May not be applicable to the “new” market. But they were helpful back then.

My Old Notes on Trading II

After making a nice push in the morning do not be afraid to stop trading- and if you do decide to trade- pick your spots better and have a real plan instead of doing random trades. If you are going to trade a volatile stock like PD, do not protect your PL when you trade or else the risk your taking on is greater than your reward.

PCI Compliance: What Your Business Needs To Know

Merchants are on the front lines of protecting debit & credit card information from hackers to bad employees wishing to steal their customers financial information. Knowing what standards exist is important if a merchant wants to be able to limit any type of data breaches by unsavory individuals.

4 Important Tips If You Are Chased For an Old Debt

Have you ever been sure you cleared a bad debt, only to be chased years later to pay it? This is happening more and more often, so here are four important tips you should know if you are suddenly being harassed by a collection agency.

The Cyprus Banking Deal

It is rare for calamities to strike Europe, but one certain problem has been reoccurring in the continent for almost five years now. No clear solution has been made yet, and although both the IMF and the EU itself are helping the countries which are experiencing financial troubles, it isn’t enough to actually resolve the entire problem. If there is one country that is terribly affected though, it is Cyprus.

Binary Option Basic: Everything That You Need To Know About This Trading Platform

Binary option offers people a good alternative to earning extra cash. Read the article to get a good glimpse of what it’s all about.

A 2013 Call for Financial Literacy

April is a busy month honoring as it does everything from the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide to autism, poetry, trees, and the earth, too. It is actually also a month devoted to financial literacy–an absolute mus given the ongoing state of the American economy and the impact it’s having on all of our lives.

Chargebacks: What Are They, Why Do They Happen, and How Can Merchants Prevent Them

Chargebacks are a blessing to maintain consumer confidence but even in best case scenarios can be a hassle and very costly to merchants. In this article we take a look at what they are, why they happen, and how merchants can prevent them from happening.

Know About Merchant Banking

If you’re hoping to start a business, then one of the most important factors you should consider is the help of merchant banks. Invented in Italy for the facilitating the needs of grain merchants during the Middle Ages, merchant banking has now grown manifold. It’s most basic function is to help businesses set up shop and help them get finance required to grow. Read on to know more about merchant bank services.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Trader In Forex Markets

The forex markets have been popular through the years because of the huge sums being traded on a daily basis. Certain surveys show that being a trader in any of these is disliked because of the many financial requirements that come along. However, wheels have turned and those who are interested in easy money-making opportunities found a haven in them. And with the aid of technology, everything about trading became speedier and more accurate.

6 Best Ways to Make Money On the Internet

Making money online is the new way to supplement one’s income. The Internet offers many avenues through which one can make money. However, some methods work better than others.

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