The Purpose of the Federal Reserve System

In 1913 President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law, thereby creating the Federal Reserve System we are familiar with today. The Act represented the most comprehensive overhaul of the American banking system since the Civil War. While officially touted as an act which “helped safeguard America’s financial institutions,” it was, in truth, a significant seizure of control by a small minority of wealthy individuals over the American people.

Money Saving Habits for Financial Freedom

We all hope for a life of financial security and freedom to enjoy some of the luxuries of life. For that to happen, what we spend must be less than the money we earn. What may sound like a simple concept may be hard, especially in a culture of immediate gratification, but not impossible.

Finding The Best Bank CD

Finding the best bank CD, or Certificate of Deposit, can be difficult. There are many types and variations, with each bank having different versions and requirements. Take the time to browse various financial institutions that are available. Look at their written publications and ask questions. Find a place that feels comfortable where the service aligns with personal financial expectations and desires. Many banks publish their financial portfolios containing their assets, rates of return, and risk assessments.

Believe In The Vision of Your Financial Freedom

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The Impact Of Rising Oil Prices On US Stocks

Some of this rise was completely natural – global economic activity has picked-up, demand for oil has increased, and prices have naturally moved up. But as we all know, political disruptions in the Middle East have driven prices even higher. Prior to the troubles in Egypt and Libya, the ability of the stock market to march ever higher without taking a breather was starting to concern me.

I Lost My Job, What Do I Do Now?

When you lose your job, you’re not only losing income. You lose structure, routine, friendships and a sense of well being. Immediately get support from your family and friends, letting out your feelings and allowing yourself to release the anger or hurt from your job loss. This will also allow them to keep you in mind should they see an opportunity for you in employment. Now that you’ve dealt with the emotions, it’s time to make a plan.

How to Prospect Bankers As a Referral Source

There are three main ways a relationship between a broker and a banker can work. Once a broker and a banker identify each others’ resources, the process will build, and each will be able to recognize referral opportunities quickly.

Keys to Becoming a Successful Independent Loan Broker

Many hardships have occurred due to the down economy, but lucrative opportunities have risen from the rubble of the slump. If you’ve been displaced by job loss, or just feel your current position does not offer the flexibility and upward mobility you desire, consider entering into the commercial finance industry as your next step. The opportunities are endless, but be mindful of these 5 ideas before making the leap.

How to Build a Residual Income in the Finance Industry

Residual income is a source of passive income that generates without continuous active work. It is a very obtainable reality for loan brokers, and Account Receivable financing or factoring is a very effective way to make it happen.

The History Of Guernsey Currency

Guernsey used primarily French currency until 1834 when it all began to change as the French livre was no longer accepted as legal tender. The French franc was, however, still accepted in Guernsey until 1921. 1830 saw the introduction of a copper coin called the double.

How to Ladder Annuities for More Income Than CDs

Retirees who want to count on a reliable income may be better off using annuities than CDs. The advantage of using an annuity over a CD is that a deferred annuity grows tax-deferred, and immediate annuity payouts are only partially taxed. All a CD’s income is taxed as earned. Here’s a way to take advantage of the annuity’s tax break to give you more income throughout your retirement years.

How to Maximize the Potential of Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards credit cards are among the most popular things that people want these days. Credit card companies may charge high interest rates for using this credit card. However, many people are still interested to have this type of credit card as a payment method. Rewards are only good if you can enjoy their benefits. A rewards credit card might be the right one for you.

Treating Debtors With Dignity and Respect Pays

Without question, right now there is over two trillion dollars worth of “bad debt” in the United States by many accounts. The numbers are staggering. A common question that comes to mind is: Can there really be that many deadbeat debtors in America? The realistic answer to that question is a resounding NO.

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