Money Makes the World Go Around

There is no escaping the fact that money is the root of the majority of peoples actions. The need for it to sustain life is obvious. The whole world is a market and we need money to buy absolutely everything. We spend a large portion of our day earning it, another portion spending it and a degree of time planning how to save it or spend it.

Chargeback Fraud – Fighting Illegitimate Chargebacks

A proactive and thorough plan to prevent and deal with chargebacks is a must-have for any business that accepts credit cards. Without an effective plan, chargebacks can become costly and a high chargeback ratio can even prompt a processor to close a merchant account.

Top 11 Tips to Save While Still Having Fun!

Ideas on how to save in many ways in a down economy and still have fun. Tips to feel on top of your finances and still have a life in a declining economy.

Average Consumers – FICO Score Too Low For Good Rates

Your FICO score determines the interest rate you’ll pay for a home mortgage or a car loan – the higher the score, the better the rate offered. But the minimum score to obtain the best rates has gone up, while the average consumer’s score has remained static. According to John Ulzehimer of, the average credit score is 690. Not long ago, consumers only had a short jump – to 720 – to receive the best interest rates. Many could accomplish that by removing errors and making a few changes in their credit usage.

About Tenant Referencing and Tenant Credit Check

Tenant referencing and tenant credit check are two tools, which are used while renting property by you as a landlord to the tenant to ensure safety and profit of your property. These can also have an impact on returns you earn from your property. To address both the issues, there are tenant referencing and tenant credit check companies available, even online – which you can hire to get your work done.

Equity Release – Retired People Desperate For Cash

With the Credit Crunch hitting hard, the elderly are having to think outside the box when it comes to their finances. Rising heating and food costs have left them as some of the worst hit in the downturn. Many people have little or no mortgage on their properly and they are considering using their property to obtain a cash lump sum, a monthly income or a mixture of both.

Financial Inclusion and Digital Payments

A good digital payment ecosystem is one that enables financial inclusion, that allows all citizens to participate in the growth and development trajectory of the economy. Given that the business of digital transactions is new and unfamiliar, governments and regulators tend to be cautious about allowing innovations that may disrupt financial stability of the economy.

Nightclub, Store and Fast Food Owners Net an Extra 20,000 USD in Only One Square Foot

As the economy spirals downward more of your customers will be using debit cards. If you run these cards you will be charged a premium rate plus a flat fee by the credit card companies. A new generation cashless ATM system will eliminate these charges plus make an extra $20,00.00 average in service fees.

Best Government Grant Programs

The US government issues grants to individuals and businesses who require funding for various purposes. The grants issued can be used to start a new business, further grow your business or can even be used for your personal expenses such as to pay off your debt, your medical bills, college education fees etc. There are more than 1000 different grant programs offered by the US government which are applicable to a wide range of categories.

How to Select the Best Florida Home Insurance Company in a Market With Few Well Recognized Names

The beginning of the end of large companies writing new home insurance business in Florida started with Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The final death blow came after the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005. Most of the home insurance companies available to Floridians, are now small startup companies that are not household names. Here’s how to pick a good Florida home insurance company in this brave new world.

The Best Way to Pick a Florida Take Out Homeowners Insurance Company

Since the creation of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and its predecessor companies, there has been an ongoing effort to remove home insurance policies from Florida’s state run insurance company of last resort. Here’s what you need to know if you receive a letter from a home insurance company offering to take your policy out of Citizens Property Insurance in Florida.

Top 10 Ways to Survive in 2009

1. Stop all completely unnecessary wasteful spending and pay off high interest debt 2. Don’t try to sell your house for 2004 prices. Too many people are still in a house that they can barely afford because they are trying to sell it for more than anyone will buy it in today’s market.

An Explanation of Why We Are in The Great Depression – Part II

The 1920’s was a decade marked by high growth, thus the name, the “roaring 20’s.” This growth was spurred by the advent of a new technology, unlike the world had ever seen before. It was called the automobile. It is common that when one industry does extremely well, it creates a multiplicative impact, leading to growth in the entire economy

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