Ethereum 2.0 No Longer KING OF STAKING (Bored Ape Members Divided over KYC News)

One Could Argue It Would Be Irresponsible for Rating Agencies Not to Lower the US Debt Rating

Jim Rogers made an interesting comment on CNBC business news the other day, when he said; “the United States has already lost its credit rating.” What he was referring to was the reality that the credibility of the full faith of the US dollar and U.S. Treasury doesn’t mean what it did once before because of all the bickering in Congress, and the inability for them to balance their budget, refrain from spending America into oblivion, and all of the politics involved in getting something simple done such as setting a debt limit, and living within its means.

Why Private Banking May Be Just What You Need

Today, the world of investing has changed considerably after the recent mortgage financial crises. The smart investors now realizes that nothing is as safe as they once assumed it was, and they require more help than ever to fully protect their assets. Because of this, unless you are a professional investor yourself, you almost assuredly could benefit by utilizing a private banking service of some kind.

The World of Private Banking Is Evolving and Improving Constantly

The term private banking essentially just means having your own personal representative at the bank that you communicate with, and conduct most, if not all of your transactions through. Maybe the best example of a private banker that most people could relate to would be the old TV series that is still in reruns, “The Beverly Hillbillies”. If you remember correctly, the president of the bank Milburn Drysdale, would do anything and everything to keep his biggest depositor happy, who was Dred Clampet.

Why the Massive Rise in Using Debit Cards Matters to All Organizations

According to figures released by the payments council at the beginning of 2011, debit card expenditures more or less matched cash expenditures for the first time ever in the UK (and are expected to outstrip it easily in 2011). This trend towards debit card payments has huge implications for organizations of all sizes and types. This article explores why this is the case.

The True Cost of College 101

How to evaluate how much college is really going to cost you. If you think it is just tuition, think again!

Why Do Companies Issue Shares?

Companies need to raise money to support the ongoing growth of the company – to do this they need to either borrow money, or sell part of the company. As each share is a small part of the company, the latter option is issuing shares.

Market Trading Software

Self managed superfunds are potentially highly lucrative and if you have the money to invest in stocks and shares on a large scale then you can potentially bring in huge dividends. You also get the bonus with self managed super funds of being able to manage the investments yourself so that you can pick and choose the stocks and shares that you believe in. Here the buck stops with you and there are no factors to blame on a poor investment other than your own gut feeling and intuition.

7 Steps to Finding a Trustworthy Financial Advisor

Finding a trustworthy financial advisor is not always the easiest thing to do. There are questions you should ask and things you need to research before hiring someone to manage your money. You will learn all of the necessary questions to ask, and how to determine if a financial advisor is worth hiring.

Most Common Reasons For A Current Place Of Employment Investigation

There are many reasons why a person may need to locate another person’s place of employment. These are the most common reasons a person will want to find out where a person works.

Selling Your Old Jewelry

Most people who have a decent job have one or two pieces of jewelry. We take jewelry as one of our most prized possessions. We keep them and even pass them down to our children and over time passed to through many generations.

Bank Proof of Funds Through Borrowed Funds

For both broker transactions and financing scenarios getting access to bank proof of funds through borrowed funds, leased for a limited term like any real asset, is the key to success. The cost of getting a leased proof of funds costs a fraction of the costs of getting a capital partner, whom is likely to take at least 50% of the profits of the transaction. There are investors and asset holders whom allow parties for a reasonable fee, usually 1-3% per month, to use their capital for lawful proof of funds purposes. In many cases a borrower may rent, or lease funds for 12 months or more at greater discounts in order to provide cash collateral guarantees against loans, import/export shipments, or other financial obligations.

Using a Stocks and Shares ISA Could Have Advantages for the Pension Fund

  The stocks and shares ISA is arguably the lesser known brother to the cash ISA, which were heavily featured in the media due to its tax free saving offerings. The stocks and shares ISA is a different animal to the cash ISA as the former handles investment in the stocks and shares market. There introduction gave investors favourable tax rules which were by and large welcomed by the UK investor community.

Gold Prices Break Record Highs

Gold prices hit a new high above $1600 on Monday as a result of a powerful cocktail of economic uncertainty, difficult US deficit ceiling negotiations, European Union sovereign debt concerns and the threat of contagion to the banking sector. Taken singly, the US debt ceiling impasse or the ongoing EU sovereign debt crisis would be sufficient to trigger a gold rally. But together, the affect on gold prices is even more bullish, as investors become wary of USD and EUR assets and seek a safe haven in gold.

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