Elon Musk Striking A DEAL With Twitter (Upsetting Bitcoin Slide)

Bankruptcy Due to Accrued Medical Bills

Financial distress is caused by a number of things, among them medical expenses. This happens when a family member becomes ill prompting them to be put under medical care.

Greed, Stupidity and Corruption Can Be Conned by the Super Thief

At the end of every era there is always someone or something that symbolizes the greed, corruption and stupidity of that period. Bernard L Madoff, Jewish born ex Wall Street chairman and founder, is one of those stories, that symbolized the end of the era of ‘easy credit’.

How Well Do You Know Your Money? Ten Questions About the Lincoln Cent

Although thousands of Lincoln Cents pass through our hands, most people have never even taken the time to look closely at one. Here are ten questions about the Lincoln Cent — specifically the Lincoln Memorial Design — which was minted from 1959-2008. How many of the questions do you think you can answer correctly?

What Are the Advantages of Financial Spread Betting?

Financial spread betting is gaining popularity in the UK. There are several reasons and advantages for the rapid rise in this area.

Another Perfect Storm – The Dollar Devaluation!

Dollar devaluation is the perfect storm that is brewing. A dollar crisis is only a matter of “when” and not “if.” Trillions of dollar-based assets are held by foreign governments, investors, and speculators. A change in the perception of the value of the dollar may lead to a dollar crisis. Inflation could contribute to decline of the dollar. Any unsatisfactory Treasury bond auction may also lead to massive dollar devaluation.

An Offshore Bank is Easy to Find and You Will Surely Be Able to Get Things That You Like

A bank which is located outside of the country you live in is usually described as an offshore bank. There are a variety of reasons as to why people use offshore bank accounts. Taxes are usually lower and the interest rates are usually higher as well.

What Are Bank Charge Refunds?

When you do something that your bank doesn’t like – overdraw your account, for example – the bank generally charges you a fee as a penalty for doing that. It’s accepted and expected practice, and there really isn’t much that you can do about it.

Common Misconceptions About the Prevention of Occupational Fraud – Part 1

Occupational Fraud is defined as an employee using his or her occupation for personal gain through the deliberate theft or misuse of the assets of the employing organization (see Wells, Joseph T., Occupational Fraud and Abuse, Obsidian Publishing Company, 1997). Business owners, directors of not-for-profit organizations and trustees of employee benefit plans often have misconceptions about occupational fraud and its prevention and, consequently, leave their organization vulnerable to loss. Over the next few weeks we will look at some of these misconceptions and why organizations are not as well protected as they might think. Today’s Topic: Annual Financial Statement Audits.

Free Government Grant Applications – Are They Really Real Or Scam?

With the rapid increase of scams that happen every day, trusting something as good as a free government grant could be pretty hard. But just because there are a few bad apples in a barrel, doesn’t mean that it’s all bad and rotten. Truth be told, these government applications are real and have helped many people.

Forex Robot Users Have Lost Perspective

Forex robot users that don’t have any experience trading currency manually have lost perspective as to what a successful Forex robot is. Making consistent profits in the Forex market is a great feat, even if it does not triple your account every month.

Get Free Government Money and Don’t Pay it Back

There is currently an abundance of free government money available to a majority of the American population. This is primarily due to lack of general public awareness about free government grant programs that are made available each year to taxpaying citizens.

Hidden Costs – The Parable of the Broken Window

Often business ventures will contain hidden costs, an action that seemed beneficial and profitable can sometimes turn out to cost the businessman money rather than making it for him. “The Parable of the Broken Window” was conceptualized by Frederic Bastiat and it is a fable cited by economists to portray unintended consequences.

Earn-outs – A Creative Way of Structuring Transactions

The concept of an earn-out is very simple, yet its proper execution is fiendishly difficult. An earn-out is a transaction where at least a portion of proceeds is paid after closing, in a manner that depends on the performance of the acquired company, judged most likely by its earnings. Often earn-outs are used in owner-managed companies, and generally require that the sellers remain in the management of the company in question, to ensure that performance targets and a smooth transition are achieved. Earn-outs are becoming increasingly popular in Central Europe.

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