Elon Musk Becomes Twitters LARGEST Shareholder! (Bitcoin Above Strong Support)

Turn a Structured Settlement Into A Source Of Quick Cash

Learn how to take advantage of a structured settlement. Keep reading this article to get more information.

Make Money Sitting Around

Looking after a house or flat whilst the owner is away is a good way of taking a break from your own home and routine. More and more people own more than one property or spend time away on business, as well as having a summer holiday, so take the initiative and make a bit on the side.

The Advantages of Offshore Banking

If you live or work overseas, it’s likely that you will need some of the same financial products as you have in the UK – and this is where offshore banking comes in. While it’s possible to obtain a current account, savings product, mortgage or investment vehicle through a local bank, more often than not the process of applying for these services is drawn out as a result of having to translate documents and get to grips with foreign legislation. But if you apply for international personal banking from an offshore bank before you even set off, you…

Why Save Money Before Rainy Season?

Everyone wants to save a little money for a rainy day. If you are like most us of, you are constantly looking for new ideas. Here are a few ways to save during the summer months in particular.

Grant Proposals – Selecting a Funder Profile

Every year government funders, private funders or corporate agencies have billions of dollars to award as grants for small business, non-profit, or home grants. The list covers a lot of ground. A significant percentage of money always remains unclaimed and many applicants miss their grant opportunities. There are different reasons, but some are very consistent

Building Business Credit Made Easy With Business Credit Card

The importance of building business credit need not be stressed if you are small business owner. You might already be aware of how a good business credit profile can help you climb the ladder of success with ease.

Microfinance Blues

Bleeding hearts may continue to hemorrhage but helping the poor requires technology that can effectively help a big number of the poor in a sustainable manner. We need to be serious in ensuring that the methodologies we use are appropriate.

Forensic Auditing and Accounting

In the last several years, the term forensic auditing came into usage. What really does it specifically mean? The following article will discuss the importance of this process.

Ups and Downs of CFD Trading

There are a few elements man has been seeking and not gotten hold of. Amongst them, the fountain of youth and the crystal ball to look into the future.

Learning the Ropes For CFD Trading

CFD trading is similar in nature to trading of actual products such as shares or commodities. Its difference lies in the fact that one trades predictions for the products rather than the products themselves.

Go For Tried and Tested CFD Trading Strategies

In order to do something well, you need a plan. As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

CFD Trading Guide to Maneuver Its Twists and Turns

As there is a recipe to whip up a dish, there is a guide to get your feet wet in the waters of the trading market. Since slow waters run deep, it is recommended to take all necessary caution to avoid getting swept off your feet.

Watch Out For KIPPERS

KIPPERS are the bane of older parents’ lives. The acronym stands for Kids in Parents’ Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings.

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