Getting Financial Assistance-Six Tips to Keep Grant Seekers On Track

Do you have a great idea to make your community better? You may be able to get financial assistance for your project. This article offers six tips to grant seekers to help them stay on track as they look for help from grant makers.

Apply For A Pell Grant Successfully!

Wanting to apply for a Pell grant? Make sure you meet the required criteria and your documents are submitted correctly!

The Future Of Mystical Banking

Does mystical banking have a future? You bet! Financial shamans and money mystics have to wear shades their futures are so bright.

Bad Credit Business Loans- When You Need A Break

Getting a business loan can be difficult in the best of circumstances, but if your business is already carrying a large amount of debt, has little value as collateral, or is already leveraged, getting a business loan may be next to impossible.

Currency Forex Trading – Betting The Ups And Downs

Total the amount of money involved in a day’s trading on the US stock and Treasury Bills markets by three, and you’ll still have less than a third of the amount of money which exchanges hands on the currency Forex-foreign exchange-market.

Why International Banking Services May Be Right for You

International banking services are those facilities provided by various banks around the world in order to deal with…

Fractional Reserve Banking is a Fragile Pyramid Scheme

Although in use for hundreds of years, fractional reserve banking is a fragile system based on fraud and deception. It is dependent solely on the confidence of depositors that it will not collapse, however, the measures to prevent the erosion of confidence may just fuel a bank panic.

Creating Online Business Ideas

Of all the online business opportunities around let me highlight some of them.

Penny Smart Dollar Stupid – Common Sense Verses a Redneck Approach

Laugh at the Jeff Foxworthy jokes all you want, but don’t be one of the redneck’s he speaks of. Think in terms of Einstein verses Bubba. Einstein lets the power of compound interest work for him and Bubba buys beer using his credit card, increasing the debt each month, never paying off the balance. The bass boat Bubba bought is nice, but the investments Einstein bought allow him to later have a yacht.

The Benefits Of A Cash Plan Policy

A cash plan provides you with money back towards everyday healthcare bills, helping to ease the burden of funding the cost for things like going to the dentist or optician.

Accepting Payments Online Using A Payment Service Provider

There are two major ways in which a business can accept credit card and electronic check payments over the internet. The first and most effective way to accept payments online is through the use of a payment service provider and a merchant account. This option does take a little bit more time and effort to set into motion when compared to the alternative: third party processing, but many businesses have found it to be well worth the extra effort when you consider the additional professionalism and security involved.

What Is A Merchant Bank Account?

Merchant bank accounts are accounts which allow businesses or merchants to accept payments over the internet for their products and services. Once a business owner has decided to accept credit card payments over the internet, it is necessary for them to obtain a payment gateway or virtual terminal, along with a bank or a credit card processor who can help them process these credit card transactions before they can effectively receive money over the internet.

Top 10 Steps To Reclaiming Your Bank Charges

If you have ever been unfairly charged by your bank then you have the right to claim back that charge. You can claim back up to 6 years worth of charges too. This 10 step guide is all you need to get you started on the path to beating the banks!

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