Retirement Could Be Sweeter When Stocks and Shares ISAs Back-Up the Pension Pot

  Possibly the only thing sweeter than fruits or fizzy drinks is the tax rules applicable to stocks and shares ISAs. They were introduced together with the cash ISA which unlike the stocks and shares ISA received widespread media attention for the tax free savings it offered. The stocks and shares ISA is sweet because it has some rather wonderful UK tax rules.

Money Saving Summer Activities

There are many families who just can’t afford a summer family vacation so what do you do to entertain the kids all summer long? With resources and some simple planning, you can ensure that your kids beat that summer boredom while saving you money! With search engines like Google there are many activities that are happening in your neighbourhood that cost very little or no money at all. Here are just some activities that you can do with your children that will create great memories.

You Should Always Do Your Research When Taking Out Bad Credit Loans

With so many people losing their homes and other valuable possessions because they cannot afford to make the payments anymore, many are finding they now have bad credit and that makes it hard to take care of business. Bad credit loans may be the answer when you’re trying to rebuild your credit, but you have to know what you’re doing if you are going to keep from getting back into the same mess you were in before.

Why Are You On The Fence? Buy Gold And Silver Now!

There are many people who feel they have missed the boat of gold or silver. Everyone sees the media portraying the “all time highs.” Americans, we need to wake up and look at the market fundamentals. There will be continued “all time highs” for at least the next 3-5 years. We have not missed the boat, but the boat is starting to unleash its ropes.

Climbing The Wall Of Worry

Everyone has a story about how they just KNEW they should have gotten out of the market prior to the crash of 2008. Or how they knew they should have bought real estate in 2002. They recall their gut feelings and perhaps a phone call to their advisor telling him to sell. The point is that it is the action -whether you sold or not–that matters not the thought.

Economic Rent

The amount of money received by the owner of a production factor for having rented out the same is known as economic rent. The production factors may include labor, capital and land. Such production factors may be involved in production process to sustain supply. It is the difference between the minimum and maximum amount of money that the owner of a particular asset is eligible to receive.

Finding A Good Car Loan

If you don’t have enough money to buy a car all by yourself then you will have to take a car loan in order to get the finances to buy the car of your choice. As a lot of people are buying a four wheeler nowadays the demands for these loans have gone high. Even teenagers what to be the owners of a four wheeler the moment they get their licenses in hand.

Applying For an FHA Loan

Almost everyone applies for a mortgage loan in order to buy or build the house if the dreams. But these loans need to be repaid on time that is the right installments along with the whole amount of interest. But at time some people fail to pay their EMI’s due to some financial problems.

Eurozone Tragicomedy Leads to the Printing Press

How will the never-ending Eurozone crisis finally end? All roads lead to the printing press…

Sharia Banking – Making Profit Without Interest

Sharia banking, also known as Islamic banking, refers to the type of banking activities which is based on the principles of Islamic law (Sharia of Shariah in Arabic). It also involves the application of the Sharia principles through the development of Islamic economics. How is it different from conventional banking?

Surviving Today’s Tough Economic Times

Today more than anytime in our recent history, everyone is dealing with rising prices on the basics and decreasing expendable income. Even after tightening our belts, we have to find other ways to make ends meet.

CFD Dividends

Dividends are money, stock or property offered by companies to share holders as a way of sharing their profits. Dividends are usually quoted as the amount each share will receive, meaning the total dividend payment will be the dividend amount multiplied by the amount of shares a share holder owns. Dividends are issued twice a year with the two payments known as the interim dividend and the final dividend.

Can Better Billing Practices Improve Cash-Flow, Cost Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction?

Billing is never the most exciting of subjects for business owners or managers, coming as it does as the last and perhaps most administrative or clerical step in the sales to delivery cycle. However, being a last step should not relegate it to being the least important and there is actually plenty of evidence to suggest that efficient billing practices may be one of the most critical. In this article we will therefore briefly explore why better billing practices can have a significant impact on cash-flow, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction for the merchant (as well as several equally beneficial, and linked,…

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