Protection of Assets For the Elderly – You Earned it, Now Make Sure You Keep It

Despite the credit crunch many people can still look forward to a long and comfortable retirement on the strength of sound financial assets built up during their working lives. Consequently, I have found that the firm of solicitors I work for is receiving an ever-increasing number of instructions for advice to provide “asset protection for the elderly”. Most commonly these assets involve a main home (mortgage free), pension fund, stock market investments and Premium Bond, ISA and other savings.

FAQ on the Variable Pricing Model

A seasoned institutional investor gives you the benefit of his wisdom from professionally investing over 25 years. Some surprising tips and guidelines criteria are presented which can help you to learn how to raise capital with a special purpose placement.

How the Banks Lend Up to Ten Times of What They Hold in Reserves

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how the economy runs. Think about it logically, the Federal Reserve Bank simply prints out a pre defined number of cash each financial year. This money is then accordingly distributed according to a carefully thought out plan, or at least that is what they want you to think. Now it doesn’t take a financial expert to figure this one out that if you already know the amount of money that is currently circulating your economy, how is it possible for banks and lending companies to lend you money when they know that it is impossible to repay back.

The Cost of Living in Australia Compared to the UK

When choosing to move overseas, one of the greatest factors to consider is the cost of living in the choice of country of residence. Here, the comparison between the cost of living in the UK and Australia is done. Hopefully, this would help in reaching a decision that is a life altering decision.

The Cost of Living in Australia Compared to the US

The article discusses the cost of living in Australia compared to the US. Factors such as cost of property, tax system, food and drink and health care costs make up the cost of living. One can decide by listing all these factors and see what can you live with as you make your decision that can radically change your life.

Myths, Truths & Strategic Tools For Thriving in the New Decade – Fiscal Quiz 12 – Opportunistic Mark

Are you in a position to seize market opportunities? One, and most important, it will reveal the fiscal fitness of your company. Two, it will serve as a guide to help you evaluate risks you take relative to potential gain. I have also left space below the question and comments for you to write your answers to the questions why and why not, so you can refer to them time and time again. So, step on the scales, dear reader and tell yourself truthfully, how fiscally fit is your company, in relation to this question?

Writing Off a Mortgage – Does This Help?

Filing bankruptcy is not a solution to pending loans or creditor’s harassing calls. You have an option to write off your loan legally. But make sure that you reach out to a genuine company which is backed by government authorities or any other government bodies so that you are safe and are carrying out all the procedures legally.

A Look at the History of Personal Checks

It is believed that the checking system goes back to the ancient Romans in the year 300 AD. At that time the buyer of certain goods would go a banker and ask for a letter to be written allowing the seller a certain amount of money in order to release the purchased goods.

Adapting to Financial Change

How are you with adapting to financial change lately, is this something that you are accustom to or are you being force to take a look at your problems that you would rather sweep under the rug and hope it goes away. Change may threaten Change may threaten your foundation of who you are and how you represent your world because this change carries with it the fear of the unknown.

Obtaining Business Grants For Women Entrepreneurs

As the days go by, more and more women are starting their own businesses and standing on par with men when it comes to entrepreneurship. There are some reports that even claim that women make better entrepreneurs compared to men. The United States government recognizes this fact and is trying to encourage more women to start their own businesses by small business grants for women to work with and help them in a financial sense when it comes to starting new business ventures.

Choosing the Right Collection Agency

Finding the right collection agency for business profit recovery can be a very difficult task. The sad problem is that nearly every business struggles to collect on every account out there. But the question is, “how do you find the best agency to collect all your money?”

Solutions For the Business Financing Puzzle

Using a commercial loans puzzle analogy, this article describes practical business financing solutions available to business owners. The recent challenges seen with commercial lending probably resemble a working capital management puzzle in which the level of difficulty keeps changing.

What is ‘DIP’ Business Financing?

Many business people and financial managers are not aware of the term ‘DIP’ Financing – which stands for ‘Debtor in Possession’ financing. DIP financing revolves around companies who are in distress and more often than not, in fact almost always, in a bankruptcy proceeding. Why would any firm want to finance a bankrupt company?

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