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Aftermath of a Company Voluntary Liquidation

Whilst liquidation may seem like an ideal process for company directors who wish to bring the business to an end, the procedure can affect the future of all those involved, particularly if the company experienced problems during the procedure. If the company were found to be trading wrongfully, then the procedure could have a negative effect in the future for all those involved. Some company directors may wish to start up a new business after liquidation, but this can be difficult, particularly if the procedure had a negative effect on the company’s reputation.

Causes of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can affect companies and individuals and is a difficult process for those involved. Company bankruptcy often occurs when a company fails to recognise the signs that it is struggling financially.

Alternatives to Company Voluntary Liquidation

There are a number of alternatives available to companies that will allow them to avoid going through liquidation. These alternatives are ideal for companies that wish to find a procedure that enables them to comfortably pay off debts.

Credit Counselling Advice – How to Fight Debt

The economy that we are living in today has seen many individuals and families facing job cuts, increased health care costs for their loved ones and inflation. This has put them with humongous debts to handle and recovering from these debts can really prove to be a Goliath task. The debts come from simple things like unpaid bills and credit cards to large things like auto and home loans.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Liquidation

Whilst liquidation can be a difficult process for some companies, there are some advantages to the process. One of the main advantages is that all those involved in the company will be able to move forward once the process is finished.

Financial Glossary – Does “Merge” Mean Really “to Sink”?

The term “merge” means “to plunge or to sink in”. What does it mean in financial jargon? And do the companies really “sink” after a “merger”? A research has shown that the meaning of the term is not far from the truth!

What Are Depository And Portfolio Management Services?

People seem to get interested in investing into stock market. Buying and selling of stocks is known as stock trading. When you trade, you will come to know that the scope of trading is vast and more that what its definition says.

Putting the Heart Back Into Retail Banking

Banks have recently been under attack as never before. Courting popularity the Government has waded in with legislation and ‘fat cat bashing’ but interestingly recent research suggests that the vast majority of personal customers are satisfied with the service they receive. Nonetheless, a number of new entrants are getting ready to enter the market or expand their current activity such as Tesco and Virgin.

Fast Business Finance

I read your column last week on factoring. I am looking at a short term loan with my bank but don’t really want to wait for months to secure the debt and go through endless contrived hoops. I saw from your column that you could borrow against invoices or even sell them off to raise money, so I thought a factoring loan might work for me. Any thoughts?

The Business of Factoring

I have a business and it seems my invoices are going astray as no one seems to really want to pay them! It’s causing quite a few cash flow problems so I have looked at factoring as a possible solution. Any thoughts on its suitability?

Sole Trading Business Formation in UK

Forming a company in UK is not difficult. It does not matter whether you are a resident of UK or not. You just need to go through some simple steps when establishing an English company.

Company Formation – The Role of Authorized Agents

The main role of the authorized agents is to help a business to set up its own British company. For further details you can visit our website for more information on how to set a British company.

Thanks to the HST The CRA Now Has More Auditors Than Ever!

The McGuinty government used many sell points when promoting the H.S.T. Some examples include; making some industries more competitive and reducing accounting expenses for business across the board.

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