Crypto Platform BANNING US Users! (Blackrock Attempts Stable coin Takeover)

Overdraft Debit Card Payment Taken Away by Bank of America

In a surprise move on February 9th, Bank of America said in a public statement they will be eliminating the overdraft debit card payment fee for all customers. This move can be seen as a sort of pre-emptive strike against the New Federal Reserve ruling that prevents banks from charging overdraft fees after July 1st.

Compulsory Liquidation in Companies

Compulsory liquidation can occur as a result of the company being insolvent. The process will take place when a creditor has still not received the payments owed after previously attempting to collect payments from the company.

Learn About Absolutely Free Government Money

The fact is that every penny that the government takes in as taxes is spent each year. Most of goes to pay government contractors and workers but a huge percentage of it is handed out as absolutely free government money.

The Beauty of Absolutely Free Government Money

Absolutely free government money. What a concept! What makes it even more amazing, is that it actually exists and it’s just there for the taking. Hey, where do you think people like Al Sharpton, Louis Farakan and Jesse Jackson get the money that they buy their gold chains and limousines with?

Grants – Absolutely Free Government Money

There is no doubt about but that the economy has pretty much gone downhill over the past few years. So then, what does this mean for absolutely free government money in the form of grants? Are they still available or has the tightening economy had a lessening effect on them as well?

Free Grants Are There For the Taking

One of the biggest myths about free grants, is that you have to be poor or disabled to qualify for them. The next biggest myth, is that they are difficult to get. The third biggest myth is that you can’t spend the money that you receive for them on your home or business.

The Effect of Voluntary Liquidation on Creditors

When company is insolvent, it may enter a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation, but in some cases insolvent companies may have no choice but to liquidate as a result of being given a winding up order by a court. Compulsory liquidation can be an extremely difficult process for companies. With voluntary liquidation, company directors will make the decision to liquidate the company, with the approval of the company’s shareholders.

How to Spot Red Flags of Financial Danger

Many people get stuck in bad debt because they choose to ignore the signs of the problem. Indeed, there are always warning signs that point to the imminent disaster – bankruptcy.

Instant Issue Credit Cards, PIN Software, Plastic Card Embossing

Because the credit card market is so competitive, the ability of associations and organizations to offer instant issuance credit cards can increase a company’s competitive edge. An institution’s bottom line in the marketplace can be boosted by increasing card sales, improving customer satisfaction, customer/member loyalty, and giving an impressive return on investment (ROI). With Smart Card software and PIN selection technology, financial institutions are now seeing increased overall revenue over traditional credit cards that have in the past been issued at a later date via mailing.


This article gives a brief explanation of the differences between IFRS and US GAAP. It covers some of the basic important differences between each framework.

Deciding Which Type of Voluntary Liquidation is Best

For a company to decide which type of voluntary liquidation is appropriate, the company directors must first review their current financial situation and look at the reasons as to why the company is failing. If there is a chance that the company can be saved, then a financial advisor may be able to suggest an alternative procedure.

Who Gets Free Government Grants?

As a result of the recent economic downturn, more people than ever it seems have become aware that money is available though free government grants. So then just who are the people, organizations and business entities that the government targets for this free money that doesn’t have to be paid back?

Free Government Grants – Fact, Fiction & Fraud

Believe it or not, right now there are people who are willing to take advantage of your lack of knowledge about free government grants to swindle you out of your hard earned money. Most often it all begins with a simple phone call to tell you that you have just been chosen to receive one.

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