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Are You Ready to Take Electronic Payments of All Kinds?

One of the most talked about topics in the electronic payment space for companies of all sizes is, “how can we have our customers pay through the web?” As the payments industry continues to evolve and more and more individuals are comfortable using the web, as well as their smart phones to make a payment, all businesses have a tremendous opportunity to speed up their receivables process while lowering costs and improving efficiencies. The question however then becomes “what is the best way to go about this?”

Annuity – The Best Form Of Guaranteed Investment

Often we are confused and fail to understand the difference between annuity and structured elements. The culprit probably is some commonality that exists between the two. Even after reading a number of free articles on structured settlements, misunderstandings seem to persist.

Leaving a Financial Legacy

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “legacy” as “money or property bequeathed to someone by will” or “something handed down from an ancestor or predecessor”. The latter definition is more applicable generally and the lives we lead and notable achievements (or lack of them) will determine how we will be remembered. This article is intended to briefly discuss the issue of legacy and how to leave a lasting financial legacy.

What You Need to Know About Getting Your Financial Planning Diploma

The Financial Planning Diploma is the minimal requirement for one who is intending to work as a financial planner or adviser. This essentially demands a minimum of 140 credits – 80 of which needs to be at the diploma level or higher or level 4. The module of the J05 focuses on Income Pension Options, as this is one of the mandatory six subjects which will be needed for authorisation after 2012 December. It could similarly be utilized to Level 6 credits for Financial Chartered Planner status.

Learning About a 529 Savings Plan

If you’re starting to save for your child’s college education, you may be uncertain about the options available to you. Are you planning on using a traditional savings account? Savings bonds? How about a 529 savings plan? Many new parents are unfamiliar with the 529 plan, but it can be a great way to save for your child’s future.

Interest Rates As Instruments to Offset Risks

According to Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, the smarter way to live is not to work hard for your money but to let your money work hard for you. In his famous book, he said that people should learn how to invest so that they can earn faster and bigger – as long as they know how to play in the stock market.

Finance Facilities for Cars – Some Factors You Need to Take Care Of

Though car is an essential item you need to be careful when you seek finance facilities when you buy one. One thing you need to remember is to buy a car that you could afford to pay for. When you buy a car, you have many other payments to make in addition to the monthly installment.

Series 31 Exam

Many people who are in or are looking to get into the futures and commodities industry take the Series 31 exam. Passing the Series 31 test will give you the Futures Managed Fund License.

Avoiding Over-Diversification

Diversification involves having a wide range of investments within a portfolio to reduce risk – basically, not having all of your trading eggs in one basket. Having a range of investments usually yields higher returns, and also shields an investor from losing everything if one part of the market falls. But did you know that you can be over-diversified?

Will The US Government Seek Revenge On The Credit Rating Agencies Which Downgrade Them?

When it comes to economic theory, it seems to me that the socialists are about as evangelical about their methods for controlling capital, labor, and production flows as the Christians are on morality issues. For instance, if you’ve ever tried to argue economic theory with a socialist, or a far left-leaning thinker, you would immediately see what I mean, and some of the challenges in hypocrisy involved in the logic of their reasoning. Now then, I don’t know what you know about regulatory agencies in the United States, but I happen to know a lot from experience being in…

Obama Administration Claims S and P Decision to Downgrade on US Debt Involves Bad Math?

Just as many had expected, as did I, Standard and Poor’s has downgraded the credit rating of the United States. Of course, the Obama Administration claims that S & P’s decision to downgrade on US Debt involves bad math? Okay so, here is my immediate opinion when I heard that; “Well, if that isn’t calling the kettle black,” I ask?

Banks Try And Say They Are Increasing Capital Buffers To an Acceptable Level, But Are They Really?

There has been major debate lately regarding the financial stability of the banks. Given the large bail out of the banks coming from taxpayer money and the massive under capitalization of some of the major banks it is apparent that there is a huge need for change in some of the bank’s capital reserve structures.

TFSA – What Is It And Should You Have One?

TFSA (Tax Free Savings Accounts) are a relatively new idea for Canadians. The mechanics are simple you can contribute $5,000 a year (every year since 2009) to the TFSA, the income earned on your contributions accumulates tax free and when you take it out of the plan you do not pay any income tax on the withdrawal. The plan is similar to the RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) with the big difference that the contributions are not a deduction and therefore any withdrawals from the plan are not taxable.

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