How Your Focus and Goals Determine Your Success

It is your focus and goals that are the key to understanding the three basic cash flow patterns and how they interact with the three forms of income. A good understanding of this relationship is the solid core of financial education.

What Is No Cost Financing?

Explains what is no cost financing and how it works. Financing covers any debt borrowed against any immovable property, movable property, intellectual property, or any thing that can guarantee the return of money borrowed. This would generally cover mortgage, and other similar loans taken.

Individual Health Insurance vs. Group Health Insurance

Learn about the differences in group health insurance and individual health insurance.

Make Money Online By Focusing On The Customer

Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can make money. The Internet is the information highway to riches. You do need to have a plan for success.

How To Become A Financial Advisor

Business finance, or anything associated with capital management, is essential for any company as most businesses are mainly established to earn profits. It also encompasses numerous functions, such as money related service, international finance or financial planning. As the economy develops, job growth for financial advisors will stem from the expansion of established companies and the formation of new businesses.

Credit Loans Mortgage-How To Get Your Loan Fast!

It is very unusual for people applying for a credit loans mortgage to get their loan fast. Usually this process takes 1-2 months to process and can be a hassle for people trying to pay off their heavy home mortgage. I was one in the low and found my self like others struggling to find a mortgage company that would give me a credit loans mortgage within a couple days…

Bush Proposes 2007 Health Insurance Tax Law Changes

Learn how the 2007 proposed new change in the tax law can help you save money on health insurance!

Store Cards: A Brief Guide

Although store cards are very expensive and are not worth the money for a lot of people, you can benefit from a store card if you use it in the right way.

UK Finance: Who Makes The Money? Part Two

As a continuation of the earlier article into the movers and shakers of the UK banking sector, we hereby list the financial details of more of the UK’s largest financial institutions.

Personal Debt In The UK Growing By “Β£15 Million An Hour”

As the UK economy continues to move ahead strongly, there are worrying signs that personal debt is running out of control. A recent financial report from the Bank of England was reviewed by Credit Action – a charitable association campaigning for individuals in financial trouble – and showed that personal debt in the UK was rising by an alarming Β£15 million an hour!

UK Finance : Who Makes The Money

As you would expect from a country which has so much influence around the world, the US leads the way in worldwide finance, but do you know how strong the UK financial Sector is? The mover and shakers? The big money earners?

Accounts Receivable Financing: The Way to Increasing Profits

Accounts Receivable Financing: The Way to Increasing Profits explores how to increase a business’ profits by using accounts receivable financing.

Have You been Denied for a Business Loan? Add a Credit Policy to your Business Plan and Get Approved

If you have been to the bank to get a business loan to start a business or for funding for your existing business you probably approached them with a business plan and possibly a marketing plan or outline.

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