Is Putting Money Into a Pension a Clever Idea?

These days a lot of people ask me whether opening a pension is a good decision; well it’s not the easiest question to answer. This is because it is affected by your personal circumstances and whether a pension could benefit you financially.

BRIC Economies

One of the watchwords in the investment sector at the moment is BRIC investments and BRIC economies which consist of Brazil, Russia, India and China. These are a group of economies around the world, with very different profiles and very different prospects, which many analysts believe offer the greatest potential for long-term economic growth. However, what can you expect from a BRIC investment and why are Brazil, Russia, India and China so appreciated on the investment front?

Investing in India

While there is no doubt that the potential building blocks for a very strong economic growth story in India have been there for some time, some analysts and investors have been slightly disappointed at the speed of growth and development. This is a country with an absolutely enormous population, large spread of business skills and one which has been attracting overseas investment and overseas companies for many years now.

Investing in Brazil

For many years the subject of investing in Brazil was very much off the agenda as the country sped towards financial difficulties, political problems and economic collapse. Brazil was in many ways the epitome of the Latin American economic trend of years gone with enormous swings in economic strength and weakness and general mismanagement of the economy and the political arena.

ABSA Internet Banking Is Safe and Secure

The ABSA (Amalgamated Bank of South Africa) Bank is the South Africa’s largest financial services provider. It provides the most competitive, efficient and fast products and services not only for personal customers but also for corporate and commercial customers.

Financial Lessons From The Rich (Part 2)

In part one of “financial lessons from the rich,” I did say everyone can be rich, but not everyone will be rich. Why? Because though everyone would like to be rich, just a few – who later on become the rich ones, really pay the price to richness, which usually includes the application of wisdom and sacrifice, the kind of sacrifice that leads to financial freedom.

Social Security Programs and Requirements

If you’ve ever wondered what the purposes of Social Security are, you’ll learn about them here. The Social Security Act and related laws created several programs that have the following purposes.

Hidden Investment Fees and Amp – Hellip – Exposed!

Have you ever heard a stock broker, financial advisor, maybe even an insurance agent say something like, “Don’t worry the investment company pays me, or the annuity company, or the mutual fund, or the insurance company pays me, so you don’t have to?” That’s the answer one of our clients got from their former financial advisor when they asked a real simple question. They had just bought an annuity from their prior financial advisor.

Ten Tips to Pass the CFA Exam

If you are preparing for the CFA exam (any level), these tips will help you be better prepared. Start Early: This is probably the most important tip while getting ready to prepare for the exam. As the exam time gets closer, you will discover multiple topics that you are not familiar with, so starting our early would really help.

3 Ways to Save More Money and Beat the Economy

If you’re anything like us, or the thousands of other people in North America trying to keep their hard earned money in their pockets, this article will help you! With climbing hydro rates that are expected to double in 5 years, we needed to find a way to save money on our hydro bill! Every month when our hydro bill arrived, it was a guessing game as to how much we would be paying.

Understanding The Process In Contracts for Difference (CFDs) Trading

Contracts of Difference (CFD) trading is one of the popular kind of trading that Forex traders does to earn more profit. This trading offers number of advantages for the trader particularly in earning a profit any moment without the need of patiently waiting to have a sales. This trading could also enable the trader to obtain profit no matter if the economy is in crisis.

Tips on Hiring a Payroll Service Vendor

As a small business owner, it is important to monitor expenses related to running the business. A large portion of expenses comes from processing payroll for employees. Outsourcing a payroll service vendor allows a small business to alleviate some expenses associated with payroll – such as hiring a dedicated payroll manager and staff and providing them with the necessary accounting software.

CFA Exam Offered by CFA Institute

The Chartered Financial Analyst or in short the CFA designation is one of the most prestigious investment credentials in the world. It is awarded by the CFA Institute and was first introduced in the year 1963. It is a graduate level program and a candidate is required to pass three 6-hour exams. The three exams are commonly referred to as CFA Level I, II, and III.

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