CLUELESS About BITCOIN (Warren Buffett Won’t Even Pay $25 For It)

Fire Department Financing – How to Measure Your Manufacturer’s Financial Strength

How would you determine if the fire truck manufacturer on the other side of the contract is financially solid enough to build and deliver your truck? What if you are prepaying your truck? Or if the manufacturer is requiring a deposit or prepayment with the contract? This article will help you analyze your manufacturer’s financial stability so that you can avoid major headaches by entering into a contract with a suspect company.

Why Stressed Financiers Are Turning to Yoga in the Credit Crunch

Bankers are turning to yoga in droves to cope with stress, according to the Wall Street Journal. Learn why yoga’s hippy image has now changed to become accepted as a scientifically proven method of stress reduction.

Minority Grants – Money You Never Repay

There are many foundations and programs throughout the U.S. that offer minority grants to help individuals and businesses get the funding they need. Whether it is to seek and education, start a business, or buy their first home, and many other circumstances.

China Yuan Currency Manipulation Meets President Obama – Yuan Currency Manipulation, China RMB Rate

U.S. Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd responds to reporters concerning his expectation of what President elect Obama will do concerning the China Yuan currency manipulation. Higher-ups in the international economy are quietly buying China yuan while the American dollar is strong and waiting for U.S. pressure legislatively to be applied during the Obama administration. Huge potential profits await as the yuan gets released from captivity to rise to all-time highs.

Do I Need Estate Planning? – Preserving Your Children’s Inheritance

Estate Administration is the process by which, with or without court supervision, the assets of an estate are distributed among beneficiaries, heirs and creditors. Even if you don’t become incapacitated, you still have to pass your assets on after your death. You should make these provisions now instead of later.

How to Use the Recession to Come Out Ahead

Are we in a recession? Or even in a second “Great Depression?” This article explains how to best benefit from the financial crisis and credit crunch.

What Did the Winners of the Last Recession Do Right?

The Winners of The Last Recession Give Some Insight in How to Beat This Recession- And Profit From it. Read This Article for an Analysis of What to do to Make This Recession Give you a Leg Up in your Business.

The Future of Residential Mortgages

Fools rush in should have been the title of this post. Everything I put down is probably not going to happen but let’s go ahead and speculate about the future of the U.S. mortgage industry. It’s kind of connect the dots and see where things might lead.

Reclaim Unlawful Bank Charges

Illegal bank charges, Unlawful bank charges, and Unfair bank charges. So you’ve been charged by your bank and you don’t understand why? Here is a practical guide to reclaim illegal bank charges, unlawful bank charges, and plain unfair bank charges.

What Do You Know About Money?

It’s now official-we’re in a recession. The financial struggles that we’ve endured for the past year or so have now been officially declared a recession, despite the fact that we have known it was a recession all along. It’s just that within the past several months, high-profile global events have brought all of the financial woes that we face into sharp focus. The subprime mortgage market meltdown, the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, the heads of the Big Three automakers seeking $50 billion for their own little bailout, and the failure of huge financial institutions like Lehman Brothers coupled with the failure of AIG have all underscored the criticality of our present situation.

Government Grants For Different People

There are many government grants available. If you are the right candidate for one of the grants, you can apply for the grants. Here are some different grant’s types, maybe one of them is suitable to you.

Fire Department Funding – How to Weather a Financial Crisis

There is no magic silver bullet to prevent hardships during a financial crisis. But there are a few steps your fire department can take to ensure you have a better chance of surviving turbulent financial times. This article will help fire departments develop a survival plan.

Manage Your Money to Create Wealth

Are you a pro at managing your money? Money management is important not only to our daily lives but also towards our future yet there are very few of us who properly manage our finances.

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